If you thought burnout isn’t a real thing then, read what this new survey has found

Seven months into the lockdown and we still haven’t adjusted to the new normal. While things are getting difficult day by day so is our anxiety.
Anxiety has been at an all-time high among working professionals. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
PTI Published: 9 Oct 2020, 19:04 pm IST
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This pandemic has taken over everyone’s peace of mind. And while we all are struggling to cope with the new normal, the anxiety and stress have increased tremendously. In a recent survey, it was found that two out of five working professionals are experiencing increased anxiety due to the pandemic. 

Leading professional network LinkedIn released key survey data recently from the month April to September this year to highlight how pandemic stress and work from home burnout have adversely impacted the mental health of professionals across the country.

The survey showed that two in five or about 39% professionals are experiencing increased stress or anxiety due to the pandemic. And as the pandemic took hold only one in five professionals were offered more time off for well-being.

If the pandemic wasn’t enough, the recession made it worse

With the country under the lockdown for so many months, the economy suffered too. And this economic repercussion has made the working professionals more vulnerable to job uncertainty, financial instability, and bleak company outlook. 

Moreover, every one in three professionals also believed that working remotely is slowing down their career progression and it is making them feel more lonely which is harming their work-life balance.

virtual burnout
We’re not making this up. Work from home burnout is the real deal. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The survey data showed that the employees’ appeal for stronger well-being support as findings show that only one in four or about 23% of Indian professionals were being offered emotional well-being initiatives and flexible work hours by their employers in the early months of the lockdown.

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As the country has started to return to work, more than one in three professionals are also worried about workplace sanitation and exposure to large groups of people in meetings or in public. The uncertain workplace safety guidelines further compound their distress towards an uncertain future of work.

So, if you are feeling burn out or stressed, it is time for you to sit back and relax. Because you can only achieve great things in life when you have a healthy mind. 

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