Beauty sleep is important as it helps you get through exhausting days

Having a good night’s sleep is not only good for your skin but also helps you take each day with energy. Here are tips to get sound sleep.
beauty sleep
Having a long day ahead? Beauty sleep is the real thing you require! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 17 Jan 2020, 11:27 am IST
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Want to be ready to take each day on with tremendous energy?  We bet, you must have been told that a good night’s sleep can help with exactly that. And if you have been ignoring that, then here’s some news. Turns out, beauty sleep is a real thing and not getting enough sleep can affect your health along. While beauty sleep is often associated with looking youthful and getting that enviable glow, science is also proving just how important sleep is for your overall health as well. 

Sound sleep at night can prepare us for the exhaustive day ahead
We’ve always been told that seven to nine hours of sleep is considered healthy for our body. Sleeping that long regularly aids the body clock mechanism, which further maintains the body when we are most active during the day. You can never give your 100% when you’re sleep-deprived and that’s why sleep is important! 

Biologists from the University of Manchester in their recent study published in Nature Cell Biology say that body clock mechanism boosts our ability to maintain our bodies when we are most active. 

beauty sleep
Embrace slumber tonight. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

The research talks about extracellular matrix which provides the structural and biochemical support to cells in the form of bones, skin, cartilage, and tendon. Half of our body weight is made up of matrix and half of this is collagen–which is fully formed by the time we reach the age of 17. 

The lead researcher  Professor Karl Kadler says:

“Collagen provides the body with structure and is our most abundant protein, ensuring the integrity, elasticity, and strength of the body’s connective tissue. It’s intuitive to think our (collagen) matrix should be worn down by wear and tear, but it isn’t and now we know why: our body clock makes an element which is sacrificial and can be replenished, protecting the permanent parts of the matrix.”

In simple words…
Collagen holds the body together–and yes, it is also important for your skin and its elasticity. While our body makes most of the collagen before we are legally even adults, certain thin strands of the substance are remade every day. And guess what? The right amount of sleep is crucial to that process. These thinner fibrils are what make us active throughout the day and give us the energy to take the day on. 

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You can follow these steps to get that beauty sleep:

1. Take a warm shower before you sleep
A warm shower 60 to 90 minutes before going to bed can help you sleep better. Why? Because warm water raises your body temperature, which then cools down once you step out of the shower. This process releases melatonin–the hormone responsible for sleep.

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2. Read a book to yourself
Reading a book gives enough time to your mind and body to relax. Also, when you’re reading a physical book, you’re far away from the blue light that is emitted by electronic gadgets and which disturb the sleep cycle.

3. Make a night-time routine
Be it a beauty routine or a self-care sesh–a routine before bedtime increases the secretion of melatonin which starts signaling your brain that it’s time to sleep.

Now that you know just how important sleep is for you and how you can get into slumber mode, don’t waste even a single minute and cherish those Zs.

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