Guess what? Not sleeping enough can increase your risk of asthma

A good night’s sleep is a must if you want to reduce your risk of asthma, along with keeping your heart health in check.
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Asthma patients should take proper precautions. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 29 May 2020, 12:55 am IST
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Have you ever felt breathless at night? Do you face difficulties in breathing during the day as well? Well, then we would like you to know that all this could be happening due to your lack of sleep-which according to a recent study can trigger asthma. 

Sleeping is the most underrated cure for a healthy body and mind. But thanks to our hustling life, even when we are at home–we are still loaded with so much work that we can’t sleep peacefully. 

But perhaps it’s time to change that, because the findings published in the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology asthma risk is affected by sleeping patterns. 

“Our study shows that adults with asthma are equally affected by too little (or sometimes too much) sleep,” said study lead author Faith Luyster from the University of Pittsburgh in the US.

World Asthma Day
Do you know, that asthma patients are more vulnerable to coronavirus? Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Sleeping for optimum number of hours can reduce the risk of asthma
According to this study, the lesser you sleep the more you are making yourself prone to asthma. In fact, the study claims: 

  • People who are normal sleepers have 45% chances of reporting asthma.
  • People who sleep for lesser hours have 59% chances of reporting asthma.
  • People who sleep way too much have 51% chances of reporting asthma.

Power naps are not always the answer
Most of us might just get four to five hours of sleep at night and think that’s enough to rejuvenate the body. But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. 

A study conducted at Yale University in the US says that sleeping for seven to eight hours is a must if you want to keep your health, especially your heart health, in check?   

In fact, this study also highlights that poor sleep can degrade your quality of life and have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. 

Coming back to asthma, the lead researchers of the study also pinpointed that people who sleep for fewer hours are at a greater risk of asthma attack and dry cough to an extent that you could need to be hospitalized.

effects of insufficient sleep on emotions
Don’t let insufficient sleep make you prone to asthma. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“This study adds solid evidence to the practice of asthma patients discussing sleep issues with their allergist to help determine if they need to change their asthma plan to achieve adequate sleep as a component of overall good asthma management,” said Gailen D Marshall, editor-in-chief of Annals Journal.

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So, create a proper schedule for yourself so that you can sleep for at least seven hours daily. And don’t just wait for the weekend to sleep for 12 hours straight because that’s not going to help you much either.

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