Green jackfruit can help manage diabetes by lowering blood sugar: Study

While diabetics are often told to refrain from consuming sugar, here is a sigh of relief. Study claims that green jackfruit can help manage blood sugar levels.
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Team Health Shots Updated: 13 Oct 2023, 16:28 pm IST
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Diabetes means no sugar and no desserts–not even naturally-sweet fruits. At least that’s what the popular notion is. But turns out, one of the sweetest ripe fruits out there might be the answer to regulating blood sugar and taming diabetes. We’re talking about jackfruit or kathal. 

In a study done at the American Diabetes Association, researchers found that green jackfruit might just be an apt defence against diabetes since it has the ability to bring down plasma glucose levels.

How did the research start?
For this study, an engineer turned entrepreneur, James Joseph decided to collaborate with two medical professionals from the Government Medical College at Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh.

Once a working professional with Microsoft in the United Kingdom, Joseph decided to quit his job in 2012 and focus on studying the properties of jackfruit. A tryst with former president APJ Abdul Kalam in 2014  sowed the seeds of the study.

jackfruit and diabetes
To explore the impact of jackfruit on blood sugar levels, this research started. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Post a clearance from the Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR), researchers conducted a trial with a test group including 40 people—24 men and 16 women who had diabetes mellitus.  

Throughout the research, their haemoglobin levels were recorded. This indicates the patient’s average level of blood sugar over the past two to three months. Also, their glycated haemoglobin and glycohemoglobin levels were also checked regularly. 

What did the research show?
After regularly feeding the patients jackfruit-powder-packed meals, an analysis was made. It was found that their mean haemoglobin level at baseline was 7.23% before consumption.

Although after the 12-week study, the average haemoglobin levels substantially reduced to 6.98%. Just introducing 30 grams of green jackfruit powder a day into the participants’ daily menu,  showed significant reduction in blood sugar levels for most diabetics.

Joseph stated: “Fasting and postprandial plasma glucose levels also showed similar improvements in participants.” 

jackfruit and diabetes
Filling idlis with jackfruit powder can help your body heal from diabetes slowly. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

When asked how can green jackfruit powder be consumed, Joseph shared that it could be added to flours for making idli, dosa, and roti. 

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A senior participant shared the impact green jackfruit powder made on his diabetes levels, he stated: “For the past two years I started adding a tablespoon of this to my breakfast, lunch and dinner. In one year I could discontinue insulin and control my sugar levels with just tablets.”

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So, is jackfruit powder the solution for diabetes woes?
Before you start stockpiling jackfruit extracts and supplements, know this: the trial happened under strict supervision. Diabetes, if not properly managed, can lead to a plethora of health issues. So do consult with your doctor before making any changes. 

(With inputs from IANS)

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