Got your periods before the age of 12? Then menopause is going to be hard for you, according to this study

If a recent study is to be believed, then getting your periods earlier than the average risk can make your menopause symptoms worse.
early menstruation and menopause symptoms
Your periods have an affect on your menopausal symptoms too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
ANI Updated: 13 Oct 2023, 16:56 pm IST
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We all remember our first period, don’t we? For some, it was unpleasant, for others—plain embarrassing. But hey, periods happen; and we’ve got to deal with them. 

The average age when a girl gets her first period is 12 years old. Though many women get their first period anywhere between 10 and 15 years old. But any deviation from this average age can pose health issues later on in life. In fact, according to a study, early-onset menstruation can lead to increased menopause symptoms.

A recent study published in BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology found that if you got your first period before the average age of menstruation, then menopause can be a bad trip for you. 

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The research led by the University of Queensland analysed data from more than 18,000 middle-aged women across the UK, USA and Australia, as part of the international collaboration of the Life-course Approach to reproductive health and Chronic disease Events (InterLACE). 

You can certainly reduce the symptoms by engaging in physical activities. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Dr Hsin-Fang Chung from the University of Queensland asserted that women who started menstruating before 12 years old had a 50% higher risk of experiencing vasomotor symptoms which include frequent hot flushes and night sweats at menopause.

Dr Chung also mentioned that early menstruation has also been linked to adverse health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, at a later stage in life.

The leader of the international collaboration of InterLACE project, Gita Mishra also said that obesity played a significant role in the findings. She added:

Women who experienced early menstruation and were overweight or obese in midlife had a two times greater risk of frequent hot flushes and night sweats, compared with women who experienced their first period aged 14 years or older and had normal weight.

Mishra also suggested that women who have had early onset of menstruation should engage in physical activity to manage weight in adulthood. 

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While you can’t do much about the age at which you get your periods, but you can as an adult take better care of your health to make sure menopause is a relatively easy affair for you

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