Eating chillies can give you a longer life, if this study is to be believed

What’s the key to a long and healthy life? Well, according to the American Heart Association it could very well be eating spicy food.
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Team Health Shots Published: 16 Nov 2020, 18:42 pm IST
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What would you say is the secret to a long and healthy life? Exercise, a healthy diet, proper sleep? Well, if this is your answer then you are on the right track. Except, you may also want to add spicy food to that list. Wondering why?

Well, according to a research by the American Heart Association (AHA), adding chillies to your diet can help you live longer. #TrueStory! According to a report by Fox News, the AHA recently tabled a study whose findings suggest that eating chillies can help people live longer.

Chillies and longevity—what’s the connection?

Believe it or not, chillies have a lot of health benefits to offer you. According to the AHA, people could have longer life spans if they consume chilli peppers regularly as the fruit contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and blood-glucose regulating properties. These factors play a role in reducing a person’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer.

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More than 5,70,000 health records of people from the US, Italy, China and Iran were included in its study. “The candidates who ate chilli peppers regularly had a 26% relative reduction in cardiovascular mortality; a 23% relative reduction in cancer mortality; and a 25% relative reduction in all-cause mortality”, says the report by Fox News.

Although researchers have earlier determined the fact that people who consume chilli pepper have lower risks of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer—it could not be determined unquestionably that it solely contributes to prolonging life.

“We were surprised to find that in these previously published studies, regular consumption of chilli pepper was associated with an overall risk reduction of CVD (Cardiovascular Disease) and cancer mortality. It highlights that dietary factors may play an important role in overall health.

More research, especially evidence from randomised controlled studies, is needed to confirm these preliminary findings,” said the report’s senior author Dr Bo Xu to Fox News.

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