Good news! WHO claims that drug for novel coronavirus is being discovered

There have been many reports claiming that there is no treatment for deadly novel coronavirus. But according to WHO, there is a possibility of a vaccine by the mid of this year.
novel coronavirus
A drug that will prevent novel coronavirus is being discovered and it might be available by June 2020, claims WHO. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Reuters Updated: 4 Mar 2020, 18:37 pm IST
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Novel coronavirus has been proved to be one of the most deadly viruses of the recent past. There has been a lot of hue and cry about it being incurable. But now there is no need to panic as there might be a possibility that a drug will now help in curbing this epidemic.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) played down media reports on Wednesday of “breakthrough” drugs being discovered to treat people infected with the new coronavirus, which is causing an epidemic in China and has spread to at least 20 other countries.

A Chinese TV report said researchers at Zhejiang University had found an effective drug for the virus, while Britain’s Sky News said researchers had made a “significant breakthrough” in developing a vaccine. 

This coronavirus drug might be available by June 2020 – WHO
WHO spokesperson, Tarik Jasarevic says that, “There are no known effective therapeutics against this 2019-nCoV (virus) and the WHO recommends enrolment into a randomised controlled trial to test efficacy and safety.”

myths about coronavirus
Coronavirus outbreak is at an all-time high! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The process of developing and testing drugs or vaccines against a new pathogen normally takes many years and is often fraught with pitfalls and failures. 

Even at the accelerated pace enabled by new technologies, the earliest that scientists hope to be able to start initial human trials of a new coronavirus vaccine is by June this year.

Clinical trials and global approvals are underway for this drug
Doctors looking for ways to treat patients infected with the new coronavirus are likely to try antiviral medicines licensed for use against other viral infections to see if they might help, as well as potential antiviral drugs still in development.

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The U.S. drugmaker Gilead says it has started clinical trials of patients in China infected with the new coronavirus, using an experimental drug called remdesivir, but stressed that this work is investigational at this stage.

A Gilead spokesman added:

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It is not approved anywhere globally.

Gilead said it had increased manufacturing of remdesivir to create a stockpile that might be used in future viral disease outbreaks. “We are doing this before knowing whether the drug is safe and effective to treat 2019-nCoV,” the spokesman said.

So, it might take some time but there is a possibility that by the mid of this year the cure to novel coronavirus will be available. Fingers crossed.

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