Dark chocolate, turmeric milk in Centre’s list of food to build immunity amid Covid-19

"It is important to eat soft foods at small intervals and to add amchoor in the food," the guideline said.
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Check out the list of immunity boosting foods. Image courtesy: Shutterstcok
HT Correspondent Published: 7 May 2021, 13:29 pm IST
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As people recovering from Covid-19 should focus more on rebuilding muscle, immunity and energy levels, the Centre through its mygovindia Twitter handle has recommended a list of food items to build natural immunity amid Covid.

Loss of taste and smell is one of the common symptoms of Covid infection, found in both phases of the pandemic. Since this leads to a loss of appetite and patients find it difficult to swallow, muscle loss may happen. “It is important to eat soft foods at small intervals and to add amchoor in the food,” the guideline said.

Here’s what else a Covid patient should include in the diet:
  • 5 servings of coloured fruits and vegetables to get adequate vitamins and minerals.
  • Small amount of dark chocolate with at least 70 per cent cocoa to get rid of anxiety.
  • Turmeric milk once a day to boost immunity.
  • Eating soft foods at small intervals and adding amchoor in the food.
  • Whole grains like ragi, oats and amaranth are advised.
  • Good sources of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs, paneer, soy, nuts and seeds.
  • Healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, olive oil and mustard oil.Amid the surge of the second wave of the pandemic, as the country is witnessing the highest daily cases and record deaths in a day, the onset of fever, body ache are spreading panic among people. Several unscientific home remedies to fight Covid-19 are also doing the rounds on social media. The Centre has reiterated that 80 to 85 per cent of Covid infection will get cured at home, with proper nutrition, without any serious medical intervention. The Centre has also advised regular physical activity and breathing exercises as per tolerance.

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