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Not just your lungs and skin, covid-19 complications can cause long-term damage to your heart and kidneys as well.
covid-19 complications
Covid-19 can spell doom for your organs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 2 May 2021, 11:00 am IST
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From your skin to major organs, covid-19 can have an impact on everything. In fact, a report from a few weeks ago suggested that a covid-19 infection can make your skin flaky and prone to infections. And now there is a new study in the town that says that even after you recover from covid-19—your heart, kidney, and lungs could get affected. 

We all know that covid-19 impacts our lungs first and foremost, that’s why our oxygen levels need to be monitored the whole time. But turns out, even after recovering from this virus, your heart and kidneys could feel the heat. 

Older people are more at risk, study states    

According to new research, a large study of patients in the USA revealed that individuals who contracted covid-19 suffered from several complications like kidney, lung, and cardiovascular issues due to the disease.

As per the research published in CMAJ, Canadian Medical Association Journal, using de-identified outpatient and inpatient medical claims from a United States health database, researchers identified 70 288 patients who had a covid-19-related health visit between March 1 and April 30, 2020.

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More than half of all patients were admitted to the hospital, and approximately 5% were admitted to the intensive care unit. The median age was 65 years, and 55.8% were female. The authors looked at all possible diagnostic codes and identified those that increased in frequency after the onset of covid-19.

Dr. William Murk, Jacobs School of Medicine & Biological Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, with co-authors from Aetion, Inc., HealthVerity, Inc. and the University of Toronto, wrote: “Understanding the full range of associated conditions can aid in prognosis, guide treatment decisions and better inform patients as to their actual risks for the variety of covid-19 complications reported in the literature and media.”

The most common complications associated with covid-19 were pneumonia, respiratory failure, kidney failure, and sepsis or systemic inflammation, consistent with other studies. The absolute risk of someone with covid-19 having these serious conditions was 27.6% for pneumonia, 22.6% for respiratory failure, 11.8% for kidney failure, and 10.4% for sepsis or systemic inflammation.

Watch out for these complications if you are covid-19 positive

The researchers also found associations with a range of other lung and cardiovascular conditions, such as collapsed lung, blood clotting disorders, and heart inflammation, although the risk of these was relatively low. Contrary to the results of other studies, covid-19 did not appear to be associated with a higher risk of stroke.

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“This study provides estimates of absolute risk and relative odds for all identified diagnoses related to covid-19, which are needed to help providers, patients, and policy-makers understand the likelihood of complications,” write the authors. 

So ladies, you need to eat and live a healthy life not just till the time you are infected but even after recovering from covid-19.

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