Eating food in this order can slow down ageing, control diabetes

Published on: 12 January 2022, 21:40 pm IST

We're all aware that the food we eat makes a difference to our health, but did you know that the order in which we eat it also has an impact?

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In what seems to be a novel and interesting way to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, a new study finds that the order in which different types of food are consumed can have a big impact on post-meal glucose and insulin levels in obese people.

While balanced diet plays a crucial diet in overall health of people, diabetics often struggle with making the right food choices in order to keep their blood glucose levels in check.

Nutritionist Pooja Makhija on her Instagram account, quoting a new study conducted by researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, NY, says that tweaking the order in which different types of food are eaten can prevent sugar spikes post meals.

“When the vegetables and protein were eaten before the carbohydrates, the researchers found that glucose levels were 29%, 37% and 17% lower at the 30, 60 and 120-minute checks, compared with when carbohydrates were consumed first. Also, insulin was found to be significantly lower when the participants ate vegetables and protein first,” says Makhija while quoting the study.

“The order in which you eat these foods or rather in which you put them into your mouth can actually make a difference to your ageing, your body weight as well as your hormones. So, the theory here is that if you eat your vegetables and protein before you eat your carbs, there is a 30-40% reduction in the insulin as well as glucose spikes,” says Makhija.

She adds that primarily what we are doing is we are putting on some clothes on the carbs and flattening the insulin and glucose curve by first using the fibre to slow down gastric emptying and therefore reducing spikes of sugar.

The nutritionist says that by eating in this way we can benefits like balanced hormones, improved fertility, fewer cravings, better skin, reduced inflammation, slower ageing and reduced risk of ageing.

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