Healthy lifestyle is the right choice baby, especially when it comes to staying disease free

We all hear an earful about leading a healthy lifestyle but do we follow it to the T? Well, if not then give this one a read. Maybe it will help.
Eat healthy
Eat good as healthy is the way to be. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
IANS Updated: 15 May 2021, 23:57 pm IST
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Have you ever thought that how much money do you waste on eating and boozing out? Not just that, but your unhealthy routine will not help you in any way to deal with future emergencies. So, are you up for it? 

If your answer is no then it’s high time that you switch on to some healthy habits so that you can splurge your hard-earned money on better things than donating it to a hospital. 

In fact, we have a study to prove our point and it says that the longer you lead a healthy lifestyle during midlife, the less likely you are to develop certain diseases in later life.

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Do have your own share of fun but in moderation
The more time a person doesn’t smoke, eats healthy, exercises regularly, maintains healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and maintains a normal weight, the less likely they are to develop diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease or to die during early adulthood, the research added.

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“Our results indicate that living a longer period of time in adulthood with better cardiovascular health may be potentially beneficial, regardless of age,” said study author Vanessa Xanthakis from Boston University in the US.

Xanthakis added:

Overall, our findings underscore the importance of promoting healthy behaviours throughout the life-course.

While unhealthy lifestyle behaviours are associated with higher risks for certain diseases and death, the association of the duration in which people maintain a healthy lifestyle with the risk of disease and death had not yet been studied.

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Unhealthy lifestyle is a gateway to cardiovascular diseases
For the findings, published in the JAMA Cardiology, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine observed participants for approximately 16 years and assessed the development of disease or death.

They found that for each five-year period that participants had intermediate or ideal cardiovascular health, they were 33% less likely to develop hypertension, approximately 25% less likely to develop diabetes, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, and 14% less likely to die compared to individuals in poor cardiovascular health.

According to the researchers, this study will help people understand the importance of achieving ideal cardiovascular health early in life and motivate them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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“On the community-level, this will overall help reduce morbidity and mortality associated with diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and death during late adulthood,” they wrote.

So, make your lifestyle healthier today for a disease-free tomorrow. 

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