Actor Satish Kaushik dies of heart attack: Early signs of heart attack you should not ignore

In a shocking news, Satish Kaushik passed away due to a heart attack at 66. As heart attacks rise in India, here are the early signs of a heart attack you shouldn't ignore.
Satish Kaushik dies of heart attack
Actor Satish Kaushik died of heart attack at the age of 66. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Arushi Bidhuri Updated: 9 Mar 2023, 14:32 pm IST
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Veteran actor and director Satish Chandra Kaushik took his last breath at 66 on Tuesday. Kaushik suffered a heart attack on the way to the hospital in New Delhi. His sudden demise has left the Indian film fraternity in shock, and a wave of sadness took over social media where several actors expressed the loss. His death is the latest in the long list of celebrities who have lost their lives due to a heart attack. Rising cases of heart attacks remind one to be more careful about their heart health.

Industry mourns Satish Kaushik

According to media reports, the 66-year-old was seen celebrating Holi at a party organized by Javed Akhtar and Shaban Azmi and shared a series of photos with other celebrities. The next day, actor Anupam Kher confirmed the news in an emotional post on Twitter about the loss of “his best friend #SatishKaushik.”

Kangana Ranaut also shared, “he was my biggest cheerleader, a very successful actor and director #SatishKaushik ji personally was also a very kind and genuine man, I loved directing him in Emergency. He will be missed, Om Shanti.”
“Pained by the untimely demise of noted film personality Shri Satish Kaushik Ji. He was a creative genius who won hearts thanks to his wonderful acting and direction. His works will continue to entertain audiences. Condolences to his family and admirers. Om Shanti,” wrote Narendra Modi on Twitter.

Several other Bollywood stars including Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh, Neena Gupta, Masaba Gupta, and many more expressed their grief over the sad news.

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Heart attack incidences are constantly increasing in India

The sudden death of actor Satish Kaushik due to a heart attack has highlighted the importance of heart health yet again. There’s a need to prioritize your health and how you can maintain overall health to avoid such scenarios. From Siddharth Shukla to Raju Srivastav to Singer KK, there are so many sudden heart attack deaths that have occurred over the past few years. Recently, actor Sushmita Sen also suffered a heart attack, but luckily survived.

This draws everyone’s attention to the rising incidences of heart attacks and other heart-related ailments in India. As per Indian Heart Association, India accounts for approximately 60 percent of the world’s cases of heart disease. It is also the number one cause of death among Indians. It is a silent epidemic that needs immediate attention.

heart attack
Heart attack incidences are constantly increasing in India. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Early signs of heart attack you should know

Your best protection against heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases is to recognize the early signs of a heart attack. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, here are the signs of a heart attack you shouldn’t ignore:

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  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Pain or discomfort in the jaw
  • Neck or back pain
  • Pain in the arm or shoulder
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Chest discomfort
  • Tiredness

Visit a doctor if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above. Address the problem before it’s too late!

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