Aamras ranks top in world’s best mango dishes list! Know its benefits and how to make it at home

Aamras, an Indian sweet dish, has ranked top in the list of the best mango dishes! Know why it's healthy and how to make aamras!
Aamras is a widely loved sweet dish made of mangoes. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 14 Jun 2024, 02:59 pm IST
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Aamras, a delectable Indian sweet dish made from the juicy and lip-smacking mango pulp, has ranked top in a global list of best-rated mango dishes. The 2024 list, released by online food and travel guide Taste Atlas, also features the humble Mango chutney on the fifth position, preceded by Rujak (Indonesia), Sorbetes (Phillippines) and Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand). In Aamras, ‘aam’ stands for mango and ‘ras’ is the Indian term for pulp or juice.

What is aamras?

Aamras is a sweet dish made using just mango pulp pureed in a blender. The pulp of ripe mango is extracted with hands and is eaten along with puris or chapatis. Sometimes, ghee and milk can also be a healthy addition to the pulp to enhance its flavour. You can add a bit of cardamom powder dried ginger and some sugar or jaggery (optional). To make it healthier, you can also add a few saffron strands (soaked), says nutritionist Neha Ranglani.

This sweet delight is widely relished especially in the Gujarat and Maharashtra regions. It is also served at celebrations and weddings, with toppings like cardamom or chopped fruits. It can be had as it is in its thick form, by diluting it a bit or also made into a chutney or as mango lassi!

Mango lassi is the best dairy beverage in the world that can be made using aamras. Image courtesy: Freepik

How to make aamras?

Aamras is an easy-to-make dish with a simple process. Here is how you can make this famous dish at home and enjoy it!


• Alphonso mango- 6 pieces
• Sugar 1/4 cup (optional or use jaggery or desi khand for a healthier twist)
• Cardamom powder- ½ tsp
• Saffron milk- ½ cup
• Chopped pistachios


1. Take the mangoes, scoop out the pulp of the mangoes, and keep it aside.
2. Puree these mango pieces by transferring these mango pieces to a blender, and add sugar to the blender alongside. Sugar can be adjusted as per your taste or the sweetness of the mangoes.
3. Use the cardamom seeds and pound them to make fine powder out of them. Add the powder to the blender as well.
4. To make the saffron milk, take half a cup of warm milk, add a few strands of saffron, and leave it aside. The flavours of the saffron will be infused into the milk.
5. Add the saffron milk to the blender. Grind everything to a fine puree.
6. Refrigerate it for a while.
7. Garnish your aamras with some chopped pistachios.
8. Your aamras is ready.

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What are the health benefits of aamras?

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The benefits of aamras are pretty much the same as the benefits of mangoes, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, says nutritionist Kavita Devgan. Here are some of the potential benefits of aamras:

1. May boosts immunity

Mangoes are high in vitamins C and A which bolster your immunity and help in preventing ailments. It also helps guard us from sunstroke and dizziness which can be a common concern in this scorching summer heat. Mango is rich in minerals like copper and folate which are important nutrients needed during pregnancy, for they support healthy fetal growth and development.

Aamras is sweet delicacy made using mangoes. It boosts several health benefits and is easy-to-make. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. It may aid digestion

Mango is a digestive aid and also has mild laxative properties. It contains a group of digestive enzymes called amylases that ease strain from the digestion process. Consuming mangoes eases digestive issues like constipation.

3. Rich in antioxidants

Mangoes have high antioxidants and contain beta carotene. Antioxidants help in reversing the damage caused by free radicals in the body which can lead to early ageing or formation of chronic diseases in the body. Alongside, its high potassium and magnesium content helps in preventing muscle cramps. These nutrients also help maintain a healthy heart by helping your vessels relax, thus promoting low blood pressure levels. Consuming mangoes protects from issues like anaemia, cholera, or tuberculosis.

4. Low-calorie fruit

Even though mango is a sweet fruit, it is low in calories. In fact, most fresh fruits and vegetables tend to have low calories. A study found that consuming fresh fruits like mangoes before starting a meal can leave you feeling satiated for a long and helps prevent over-eating later on in the meal.

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