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Practice the warrior III pose daily for 30 days to get rid of your belly fat

Drop those pills and herbal teas and try doing warrior III pose if you are serious about losing that belly fat.
warrior pose
Warrior pose can help you improve balance of the mind and body. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 11 Oct 2020, 09:30 am IST
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What’s the most important thing to get a flat belly? Bingo! It’s all about activating your core muscles, and improving your metabolism. And these are the two biggest reasons why we prefer yoga, when it comes to weight loss. There are several asanas in yoga for weight loss arsenal that work the core area, but if there’s one that solely focuses on it  – it is the warrior III or Virabhadrasana III.

Warrior pose is a series of three yoga poses, i.e. warrior I, II, and III. All of them offer some or the other benefit, when it comes to both weight loss and strength training. Warrior III is the advanced version, as it requires major balancing and trunk strength to pull this pose off. And that’s one of the reasons why it works like a magic pill, when it comes to weight loss.

You can start practicing this pose with the support of a wall or a chair. But once you achieve that strength, trust your legs and core to increase its impact, and work on getting that belly back in shape.

But how exactly does warrior III help in burning belly fat? Let’s delve deeper to understand!

Stretching and balancing help you burn fat from the belly area

According to yoga guru, Grand Master Akshar, a person requires great core strength, leg strength, and hip flexibility to perform this pose. The formation of the posture demands that you make a straight line with the entire body, while balancing on one leg. This makes it very challenging, if you are carrying around extra weight around your thighs, belly, or hips.  

yoga for weight loss
Build muscle without hitting the gym with warrior 3 pose. Image courtesy: Samiksha Shetty

“To make this asana an effective weight loss posture, try holding it for about a minute and repeat as many as 3 sets. Along with weight loss, the warrior III pose also improves your balance, posture, and develops full-body coordination. It improves metabolism rate as well, and also helps you with a straight posture, due to which your abdominal area is also positively impacted”, he explains.

Grand Master Akshar shares the right way to do the warrior III pose: 
  • To begin this asana, stand straight.
  • Keep your back straight. Now as you stretch your arms up, join your palms in pranam.
  • Exhale and bend your upper body forward until it is parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your arms beside your ears.
  • Slowly, lift your right leg upwards behind you, keeping it straight.
  • Your right leg, pelvis, upper body and arms should all form a straight line.
  • Focus your gaze to a point on the floor to maintain balance.
Don’t forget to follow a proper breathing pattern to burn that belly fat away

“Exhale while getting into the posture. Follow a balanced continuous breathing pattern, and focus on your core muscles,” suggests Grand Master Akshar.

Also, watch:

He also has some do’s and don’ts before you give warrior III pose a try

If you have had a recent or chronic injury in the legs, hips, back, or shoulders, then it will be better that you avoid this pose. Also, if you are pregnant, then steer clear of this pose, and opt for some simpler asanas.


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So ladies, we’ve revealed everything you needed to know about the warrior III pose. Now, don’t stop yourself from going for it to see fantastic results in no time!

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