Keep these 5 yoga tips in mind if you’re new to the weight loss journey

If you are a new yogini and are trying yoga for weight loss, then you need to know these rules before hitting the first session.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 21 Aug 2020, 09:15 am IST
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Unlike going to the gym or HIIT, yoga is a more sustainable and holistic way to stay physically fit. If you are thinking about losing weight in a healthy manner, yoga can work wonderfully well for you. 

Initially, when you plan to start your weight loss journey with yoga, multiple questions will pop up in your mind. How to go about it? Will you be able to pull it off? Will it lead to weight loss? Will you end up hurting yourself?

But, if you’ve decided that yoga is going to be your thing and there is no looking back, we are happy to help.

Here are five tips recommended by yoga guru Grand Master Akshar that every yoga beginner must follow without fail:

1. Start with simple poses
Whether yoga or anything else, you need to go slow when you’re just starting out. That’s because sore muscles or injury can be a barrier in the journey that you have just started. Also, it will help your muscles open up and be prepared to deal with the upcoming challenges.

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“Begin your practice with seated postures like Sukhasana, Baddhakonasana, and Dandasana. Slowly move to standing postures like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Hastha Uthanasana, and Tiryaka Tadasana. Even Surya Namaskar should be slow at the beginning and you can always pick up the pace according to your convenience”, suggests Grand Master Akshar.

2. Try some warm up poses at the beginning
“You need to start with Sukshma Vyayam or subtle exercises. These consist of gentle rotation of the neck, arms, wrists, hips, and ankles to slowly warm up the joints. Walk around briskly. Stretch and mobilize your muscles. This along with Himalaya Pranam will prepare your body for a safe practice”, says Grand Master Akshar.

3. Learn the art of breathing
Breathing is the essence of yoga. If you capture it well, you will get the best result out of it.

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“You should try practicing Bhastrika Pranayama. Sit in any comfortable pose (such as Sukhasan, Ardhapadmasan or Padmasana) with your back straight and close your eyes. Inhalation and exhalation should be done in a 1:1:1 ratio. For example, if you breathe in for 6 counts and retain the breath for 6 seconds, then you must take 6 counts to exhale. Repeat this one cycle up to 20 times or more”, he recommends.

4. Wear proper gear
Wearing tight clothes can hinder your posture and movement. Having said that, you should also avoid very loose clothes as there might be chances of you getting entangled in those. Choose comfort wear according to your convenience.


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Check BMI
yoga for weight loss
Wear comfy clothes to pose better. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar

“Cotton is the recommended material for your practice. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight as this could restrict your breathing, and cause much discomfort once you begin perspiring”, warns Grand Master Akshar.

5. Don’t eat a heavy meal before doing yoga
Eating a heavy meal is never prescribed before any kind of exercises and yoga is no different.

“It is recommended that you practise on an empty stomach. However, if this is not possible for you, please ensure a gap of 60 to 90 minutes between your last meal and your practice. Eating too much or just before a session can cause nausea, cramps, and discomfort”, he cautions.

So, you see how keeping in mind small things can help you lose weight with yoga. Put these rules to practice and begin your weight loss journey right away!

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