Master the boat pose to get a flat belly and build a strong core

Looking to lose weight and build a strong core? Then, it’s time to include paripurna navasana or the boat pose to your yoga routine.
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Boat pose would do you good! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 21 Sep 2020, 18:45 pm IST
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Most women dream of having a shapely body, with abs to die for! So, how do you lose the extra kilos, and at the same time, ensure that your muscles get toned the right way? That’s exactly where yoga for weight loss steps in. 

The ancient practice of yoga includes some great full-body workouts that not only help to shed those unnecessary kilos, but also strengthens your core and ensures flexibility. And that’s exactly why we are here to suggest to you paripurna navasana or the boat pose that’ll help you get a killer core in no time! 

And yes, this has also been proved in a study! According to research published in the journal PLOS ONE, the boat pose can help you lose fat in just a span of 12 weeks by increasing your metabolism. 

So, let’s find out what this wonder pose is all about!

What is paripurna navasana or boat pose?
“I usually go for the paripurna navasana when my clients need to loosen their muscles and lighten up their mood. We all lead sedentary lives today, and that has made us severely rigid and staunch. Asanas like the paripurna navasana help in achieving this, by helping people open up and uplift their spirits, and at the same time, release the pent-up internal stress that reflects on their exteriors,” shares Sohan Singh, Founder, Sohan Yoga International.

Yoga for weight loss
It’s time to build your core. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Moreover, weak muscles have become a part of your lives, and that’s not great news for those looking to lose weight. With the boat pose, you can ensure every single muscle in your body is worked out, right from your neck, core, spine, glutes, to even your hamstrings. 

“This asana works through your hip flexors, specifically your iliopsoas and rectus femoris muscles. Your hip flexors are a group of muscles that decrease the angle of your hip joint. So, these muscles bring your belly and thigh bones closer together thus promoting the strengthening process of your core,” he says.

Here’s how you can master the paripurna navasana, or the boat pose: 

Yoga for weight loss
Paripurna navasana or the boat pose focuses on abdominal muscles and aids digestion. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Sit on a mat with your legs stretched out in front of you, and your hands on your side.
2. Now, bend your knees and raise your legs. Straighten your legs and push your upper body away from your legs.
3. When your thighs and your upper body make a ‘V’, stretch out your arms, and hold the pose for at least 10 breaths.
4. Now slowly move towards the starting position and relax.

Try and do this pose a few times, and then as you get better, you can keep adding more reps to the set!


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Here are some tips to help you nail the boat pose
Although this is an effective pose, it’s quite easy to go wrong. Here are some things to remember when you try paripurna navasana or the boat pose

1. Don’t focus on how high you can lift your body. Instead, shift your awareness to the floor, specifically how your pelvis sits on your mat. Your tailbone must not be scooped under your body!
2. Keep your feet on the floor, and do not slouch your back. You’ll notice that by simply leaning back while your hands are on your shins, your hip flexors will begin to fire up!
3. Don’t hold your breath at any point in time.

So, are you all set? Start doing this pose today, and get set to flaunt a sexy core in no time!

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