You can get a flat belly without doing a single crunch, all thanks to kapalbhati

A slimmer waistline and a fitter body is what kapalbhati paranayam promises to endow. If you are all for yoga for weight loss, then do try this asanas to lose belly fat.
kapalabhati for liver
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 16:15 pm IST
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Breathe in and breathe out! This is all you have to do if you want to lose belly fat. Don’t believe us? Well, yoga can actually do this for you. And there is one yoga pose for weight loss, which if done correctly can give you a curvaceous belly in a month’s time. Ladies, put your hands together for kapalbhati paranayam.

Yes, it is the same yoga pose you have seen yoga expert Baba Ramdev raving about. And why not because anyone can do this pose and reap its benefits. 

According to yoga expert Grand Master Akshar, kapalbhati pranayam is great for weight loss as it is directly linked with our body’s metabolic rate, gut health, and digestion. 

“When you practice this pranayama technique correctly, it gives you the desired results within a week’s time. It strengthens and stimulates the digestive system and abdominal muscles. Kapalbhati also promotes blood circulation and benefits the nervous system,” he explains.

So now that you know its benefits, it’s time to learn the right way to do it

1. To practise kapalbhati pranayama, sit in any comfortable pose such as sukhasan, ardhapadmasan, vajrasana, or padmasana.

2. After sitting comfortably, inhale and exhale. While breathing in suck your stomach in as much as you can to work your abdominal muscles. Keep your focus on your breathing and on the movement of your stomach.

There are three levels of practice: shant gathi (slow speed), madhyam gathi (medium speed), and tivra gathi (fast speed). Begin your practice with shanth gathi, when you gain experience in this stage, move on to madhyam Gathi. With regular practice, you can then reach tivra gathi or the advanced stage.
“With every level, the speed of the practice increases. More speed means more fat burn from the tummy region as it generates a lot of heat in that area,” Akshar suggests.

Yoga for weight loss
Grand Master Askhar Doing Kapalbhati.

But if you have any of these health problems then you mustn’t do kapalbhati
Yoga or for that matter any kind of exercise should be avoided if you have any kind of medical condition. Because one, it won’t be as effective and two, it can make the situation worse for you.

According to Grand Master Akshar, kapalbhati should be avoided by those suffering from hypertension, anxiety, or panic attacks. It is also contraindicated for individuals with heart disease, hernia, gastric ulcer, epilepsy, vertigo, migraine headaches, significant nosebleeds, detached retina, glaucoma, history of stroke, and for anyone who has undergone recent abdominal surgery.


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So, if you have any of these then please don’t try this at home. Rest of you all practice it every day and get a flat tummy without even doing a single abs crunch.

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