Ace the standing forward bending pose to flaunt a toned belly

We’ve got you a stretch for your abs that will not just help you tone your belly, but will also bestow you with other health benefits.
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Standing forward bending pose is the simplest thing you can do for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 31 Oct 2020, 12:22 pm IST
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You must have already heard quite a few times that if you can bend and touch your toes, your fitness levels are great. No doubt it’s true, because it can be pulled off by only those who have flexible muscles, and no bulging tummy to intervene. And here’s the best part: if you don’t have a flat belly, you can get it in no time by doing this. Yes, this toe touching pose has a name, and it is called padahastasana or standing forward bending pose.

Did you know, doing a standing forward bending pose before doing those abs crunches can double the impact? That’s because doing this move in speed can help in warming the core area, and when you follow your core routine, then your muscles contract and relax better as they are stimulated well, thanks to this pose. 

This is how padahastasana can help you in weight loss

According to yoga guru Grand Master Akshar, the most dangerous place to accumulate fat is around your stomach. This is the reason why belly fat is closely linked to type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, and even some forms of cancer.

“Unfortunately, stomach fat is one of the hardest things to get rid of, and it can really affect your lifestyle. When you carry around excess weight, it makes you lethargic, and sluggish, which in turn encourages a sedentary lifestyle.  Therefore, you should make it a top priority to get rid of this stubborn belly fat,” he says

He adds, “You can surely target this area for weight loss although it will require you to make certain lifestyle changes. With a regular and consistent exercise routine and a sensible diet, it is not impossible to achieve a toned belly. Yoga is a fantastic way to lose fat around your midriff.”

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Standing forward bending pose is also a great way to relieve stress. Image courtesy Sthutterstock

When you are in this pose, your stomach is completely compressed. This is an important factor which will help you burn and reduce excess fat around from your tummy. This asana also improves the function of your digestive system, which is crucial when it comes to weight loss. This is because when you enjoy healthy digestion, your metabolism improves, and you can have a healthy belly.

It’s time to learn the correct way to do standing forward bending pose
  • Begin by standing straight.
  • Exhale and gently bend your upper body, dropping your head and keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed.
  •  Bring your trunk closer to the legs. Try to touch the knees with the forehead. This may require a lot of flexibility. If you are just starting out, go only as far as it is comfortable.
  • When you are folding forward, attempt to move your torso from the hip joints, instead of the waist.
  • Place palms on either side of your feet. 
  • Try to keep the legs and knees straight throughout the practice. If you are a beginner, you may have to bend your knees slightly to accomplish this.
  • With practice, slowly straighten your knees and try to touch your chest to your thighs
  •  Hold this asana for a while

To start this practice, you can do 20 reps and four sets. After a while, you can increase the number of reps as per your convenience.

yoga for weight loss
It’s time to build your core. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Heads-up from Grand Master Akshar

Avoid this pose completely if you have recently had either a back, knee or hamstring surgery. Do not perform this asana if there has been a recent injury to your legs, hips, back, or shoulders.

So ladies, are you game to perform this easy peasy yoga pose?


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