Even Kriti Sanon swears by chakrasana! Here are 5 reasons why you should too

In an inspiring post, Kriti Sanon is seen doing practising chakrasana. The benefits of the wheel pose will motivate you to start too!
“Why does everything have to be perfect anyway?,” asks Kriti. Image courtesy: Kriti Sanon/Instagram
Shreya Gupta Published: 2 Nov 2020, 02:30 pm IST
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It’s so easy to assume that celebrities, who look so beautiful and confident in all appearances, have a perfect life. However, what most of us don’t take into account is the hard work and practice that goes into staying fit. 

Kriti Sanon recently shared a post on Instagram where she can be seen doing chakrasana. But, it was the caption that truly left her fans inspired. The bubbly actress revealed that she hesitated before sharing the image because she felt it wasn’t perfect only to realize it doesn’t have to be. However, she signed off saying, “If you aren’t Evolving, You’re not really living. You’re just passing through Life!”

Not only is Kriti working hard to stay fit, which takes a lot of practice, but is also motivating everyone to be absolutely alright with their flaws and allow themselves the room to learn.

Check out her post here to get the boost of motivation:

Kriti is known for her toned body but it clearly takes regular physical activity to stay that way. Here are the 5 benefits chakrasana that Kriti just posted a photo of, is known to have:

1. Improves spine flexibility and strength

Chakrasana, or the wheel pose, is one of the best stretches. It reduces the stiffness in your body by strengthening your spine.


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2. Tones the abdominal region

With regular practice, chakrasana helps reduce abdominal fat. What’s more, it also contributes to toning up your tummy. If you’re looking at tightening your abdominal region, you should start practising this asana every day!

3. Cures backache

Sitting for long hours due to our work life, be it from the office or home, has its own disadvantages. If you’ve been experiencing backache, you must give chakrasana a shot. This asana is great for easing the lower back pain due to the stretch it can provide.

For backache trust chakrasana. Image courtesy: Samiksha Shetty
4. Relieves stress

Chakrasana improves the blood circulation in your body which can make you feel calm and relaxed by relieving any stress.

5. Strengthens your body

Chakrasana stretches your muscles, strengthening and toning your legs and buttocks.

Now, you know why Kriti practices this asana! Start practising it regularly to tone up.

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