Are these 5 workout mistakes keeping you from losing weight?

One wrong move and your entire weight loss regime can go for a toss. Read this article and pledge not to repeat those silly mistakes.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 1 Sep 2020, 10:49 am IST
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If the weighing scale isn’t showing you a dip and your  muscles aren’t toning up, then there is only one possible reason why: you are not doing your weight loss exercises right. Weight loss, or for that matter any other kind of exercise, needs to be done in a certain manner to yield results. If not, then you won’t get any benefits. 

But where exactly are you going wrong? Well, there are five prominent things that you might be doing incorrectly while attempting those weight loss exercises, and here they are:  

1. Landing on your heel
Hopping or jumping is one of the most crucial parts of any weight loss exercise. Often you’ll find people either landing on their heel or with a flat foot. And FYI, both techniques are wrong. This way you might slip, twist your ankle, or even invite joint ache.

Also when you jump and don’t land properly there are high chances that the muscle that exercise might target is not being hit.

Therefore, always remember to take off from your toes and land on your toes. Don’t use your heel for landing otherwise you will end up hurting yourself.

2. Locking your joints
This one especially goes for burpees. When you do burpees you jump and then land straight on the floor. While you are landing ensure that your knees are a little bent. Plus, when your palms are hitting the surface ensure that your elbows aren’t locked. If you lock your elbows then it will increase the impact on your joints and can lead to injury. Plus, your move won’t be as smooth as it should be.

Also, watch:

3. Keeping your body loose
You hear this statement all the time: “engage your muscles”. That’s because when you keep your entire body tight then the overall impact of the exercise doubles up. Your muscles contract really well and you tend to lose more weight. A loose body might not hit the right areas and it can also impact your balance which can make you prone to injury.

4. Leaving an exercise in the middle
Not completing the entire exercise will also not help in weight loss. If you’ll leave the move half way through, then your muscles won’t contract properly and there will be less fat burn. So, even if you are doing the exercise slow make sure that you do it properly for better results.


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5. Not increasing the number of reps
Your body always reaches a point of stagnation after a while and then it stops showing results. How can you correct this? Well, all you need to do is increase the number of reps and sets you were doing earlier. After every week ensure to add 5 to 10 extra reps so that your body gets that extra push and you get some serious weight loss.

So you see, it’s all about remembering those basics and rest everything will fall in place.

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