All set to start pilates? Just keep these 5 things in mind before you begin

Updated on: 28 February 2022, 19:31 pm IST

Do you know what can burn fat instantly to ensure a flat belly and a stronger overall core muscle? Well, it is none other than pilates.

Pilates are a good exercise for those battling endometriosis! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

We all are in love with this P word when it comes to flat belly and strong overall core muscle. Any guesses what we are referring to? Bang on ladies. We are going gaga about our very favourite workout routine – Pilates. 

Pilates is ‘THE’ show stopper if you want to get a prim and proper core. Also, when we say core it just doesn’t mean your tummy but it also included your back and side muscles i.e. your oblique. 

Do you know there are two types of pilates – one that you do on mat and the other one that you do with the equipment. Your first few sessions will be all about mat and reformer training. Once you surpass that level only then you will hit the equipment. 

You must have seen a lot of big shot celebs flaunting their pilates moves on Insta and other social media handles. Well, don’t get intimidated by them because you can also very well reach that level if you keep your basics right.

Therefore you need to focus on these five tips before you hit your first ever pilates sesh. So, join in to know:

1. Warm your body up
Just like any other fitness routine pilates also needs a good 15 to 20 minutes pre-workout warm up session. The moves in pilates are a little intricate that’s why you have to ensure that you include some basic stretches that include each and every muscle. You can try stretching your arms, forward bending, lateral lunges, a few squats, jumping jacks, neck rotation, wrist rotation, palm flexing, biceps and triceps stretch, side stretches, good morning bend, back kicks, and knee highs. All these will pump up your body and how.

Triceps stretches for toned arms. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. It impact almost all your muscles so there might be a little soreness the very next day
Of course the main target muscle for pilates is your core but it also targets various other muscles that help in pulling off those moves. Pilates also involves the whole trunk, hips, inner, and outer thighs. This makes it a complete package.

That’s why we’ve asked you to do a full blown stretching so that you can feel less soreness in your muscles the next day.

3. Wear proper activewear
You need to wear proper pilates wear, period! Your activewear must be well fitted so that you can pull off the move without any abrasion and restriction. You can opt for a capri, legging, tank top, or a dry fit t-shirt.

Also, don’t forget to wear your socks. They are pretty important. You can’t move the way you have to in pilates with bare feet, especially if it’s your equipment day. Pick for a pair of socks which have some rubber detailing on the sole to avoid slipping. They will also help you grip better on the machine. You can skip shoes for sure as you don’t need them.

Picking the right sports bra is not an art. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Learn the lingos if you are in a group session
You might be excellent in sending acronyms of Whatsapp but you also need to learn a few for your pilates class as well. Have you heard terms like BEAM (Breathe, Energise, Align, and Move), C-Curve (where you make a C like curve from your spine), peel through your spine (this means move from vertebra to vertebra) – well just like these there any many more pilates lingos that you must learn so that you do the right move when the trainer instruct.

5. Get yourself acquainted with the equipment before hopping on
Pilates equipment is a little intricate to understand and handle. It is mandatory for you to ask your trainer to give you a tour of all the equipment. Ask for a demo instead to understand the usage better.

Also, watch:

Also, it will be a great help if you browse through a little literature about this fitness form so that you don’t be surprised or shocked in your very first class.

So, that’s about it. You are all geared up for your first pilates session – All the best!

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