We finally know the exercise routine that keeps Katrina Kaif in shape

Celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared Katrina Kaif’s workout routine on social media and it’s definitely inspirational.
Katrina Kaif workout routine
Here’s how the Dhoom 3 actress ensures she stays fit! Image courtesy: Facebook/Katrina Kaif
Grace Bains Updated: 17 Feb 2021, 06:31 pm IST
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Katrina Kaif has left her audiences in awe with her dance moves in all her movies! Be it the raunchy dance we saw in Sheila Ki Jawani or the mid-air moves she impressed us with in Malang Malang. What most people don’t realize is how much hard work it takes to consistently put up such energetic performances and stay in shape.

Since she finally arrived on social media, Katrina has shared some tidbits from her fitness routine with her followers. However, we’ve never before been privy to the exact routine she follows. The actress clearly exercises regularly but we’ve all been wondering exactly what she does in order to stay toned.

Finally, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared the exact workout routine that Katrina follows. She not only shared a video of herself and the Bollywood beauty in action but also gave a detailed low-down of how to practice this workout in the caption:

  1. Squat and side leg lifts: 3 sets x 20 reps each
  2. Push-ups: 3 sets x 15 reps (you can substitute with wall pushup, incline push-up, or knee push-up)
  3. Reverse lunge with kick: 3 sets x 15 reps each
  4. Plank to ‘T’: 3 sets x 15 reps
  5. Sit-ups: 3 sets x 20 reps

The video makes it look easy but surely, the number of repetitions will test your fitness level and over time, help your body to get used to advanced working out. Overall, this workout can help you target multiple areas and muscle groups, sculpting your body and ensuring you stay fit much like Katrina.

Here are the different areas this comprehensive routine covers:

1. Squats and side leg lifts: These will not only work your glutes but also burn fat in the calves and hamstring areas. Basically, if you’re looking at strong, sculpted legs and a toned posterior, this combination needs to be a part of your workout routine.

2. Push-ups: This classic move will not only help you improve your posture but also tone up the arms, chest and shoulders.


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3. Reverse lunge with kick: Another combo move that works the lower body, there’s nothing better than this to shape up your calves and thighs while strengthening them. What’s more, it also targets the glutes to ensure your booty stays in shape.

4. Plank to ‘T’: This move is aimed at strengthening your core which will help enhance mobility, reduce the risk and injury and improve the quality of your workouts.

5. Sit-ups: If you want to tone up your abdominal area while also strengthening your neck and chest, there’s no other move that can be quite as effective as sit-ups.

So, ladies, now you know how Katrina Kaif keeps her body toned! Take inspiration and get on this routine to see the magic.

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