Trying to shed kilos? Avoid these 5 exercises which are a total waste of time

If you want to lose weight, avoid these useless exercises at the gym.
How to do crunches
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Sonakshi Kohli Published: 18 Dec 2019, 07:38 pm IST
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We live in a world where taking out time for our own selves is the biggest issue we face—thanks to our super-hectic schedules or simply our laziness. In this scenario, if you still manage to take some time out and make it to the gym for the sake of your health–you really want to make the most of your precious time, right?

Unfortunately, though, certain common exercises that your instructor might recommend or that you see people doing at the gym are nothing but a waste of time and energy. Hence, stay away from these five common exercises that won’t add any value to your workout regimen.

1. Dumb-bell kickbacks
A study conducted by the American Council of Exercise found that this exercise, which requires you to push back a dumb-bell using the strength of your triceps while keeping your elbow stable only engages the triceps muscles. And since there’s no use of any core strength or shoulder strength, it is automatically ranked down.

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After all, when triceps-toning exercises like bench dips can work on several muscles simultaneously, why waste time on an exercise that works on a single muscle? Moreover, it’s difficult to get your stance right when performing dumb-bell kickbacks, making you more prone to injuries. So, you can totally do away with this one, ladies.

2. Elliptical trainers
If you kick off your workouts with a cardio session on any elliptical trainer and weight loss is your main goal, you’re clearly wasting your time–as according to a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, these machines offer low-impact and low intensity workout.

exercises which are a waste of time
Treadmills are more effective than elliptical trainers. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hence, if you’re fit as a fiddle and have no health issues making you prone to any injuries, elliptical trainers are a waste of time and you should start running on the treadmill instead.

3. Ab crunches
A 2011 study conducted at the Indiana State University found that there was no change in the waist measurement of people, who did abdominal crunches regularly.

So, what’s touted as a sure-short way of getting those washboard abs might be a complete waste of your time, ladies. In fact, if your core is not strong enough, chances are that you use your back and neck muscles to perform crunches. This in turn can make your case worse by increasing the chances of injury in the lower back and neck.

4. Deadlift
There’s a reason they call it the deadlift: It’s simply frickin’ deadly and quite literally so. Pulling up heavy weights using the strength of your lower-back muscles, hamstrings, and core strength can most definitely give you the toned body of your dreams.


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exercises which are a waste of time
Deadlifts can be quite deadly and not very useful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

But if you go wrong with your stance during this exercise, it can backfire and leave you with terrible back problems. So, unless you’ve been gymming for a while and have a highly-qualified trainer helping you out, don’t try this exercise, okay?

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5. Upright row
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, pull up a barbell in front of your body vertically till it reaches your neck, bring the weight back down slowly in a controlled manner, and keep wasting your time doing just that. We say so, because the risk of a shoulder injury involved in this banned exercise not only makes it dangerous, but also a complete waste of your time and energy at the gym. Try push-ups instead?

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