Try this 11-minute seated cardio to lose 2 kilos in 30 days

Too lazy to work out? Worry not. Try out this seated cardio routine that will help you with weight loss!
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 15 Jun 2021, 03:14 pm IST
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If you’re struggling to do cardio, we have a really simple solution that can help you work out that body in a few minutes. Yes, the best part is – you can do this cardio routine, while sitting. You must have heard a lot about the chair or seated cardio routine. Yes, that’s what we have for you today.

Do you know that a few minutes of seated cardio can actually pump up your heart beat and make you burn calories like crazy? But all you have to do is keep up the momentum, so that you can maintain the energy. 

So are you ready to rock? Come let’s begin!  

Here are a few things to note before you start doing your seated cardio
  • It’s a one-break schedule, so don’t lose the stride.
  • Keep a stopwatch handy to time yourself.
  • You have to do each exercise for a minute and then switch.
  • Wear proper clothes so that you can flex properly. You can either opt for just socks or shoes.
  • Ensure that your chair, sofa or wherever you are sitting should have a firm base. This will help you balance yourself.
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Here’s your seated cardio schedule

1. Seated bend: Sit on your chair, stretch your arms upwards, and bend your upper body. Try to touch your toes and come back up. Do it really fast. Exhale when you go down and inhale when you come up.

2. Seated leg raise: Hold the arm rest of your chair or if it’s a sofa, hold the seat, keep your back straight, and lift your legs up. Once they are at an angle of approximately 90 degrees with your upper body, drop them. Inhale while lifting your legs up and exhale while dropping them down.

3. Seated jack: Sit straight on the chair and like you do jumping jacks do the same move. Extend your legs and hands later. It’s a low-impact exercise and hence won’t harm your knees as well. Exhale while extending your feet out and inhale while bringing them back.

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4. Seated skater: From the edge of your chair, bend your right knee out to the side, extending your left leg out straight to the side, with your toes pointed. Extend your arms straight and lean forward just slightly, reaching your left arm to the inside of your right foot. Raise the right arm up behind the body, twisting through the torso. Quickly, switch sides.

5. Seated cross: Put your hands on your head, bend your right leg and lift your knee, bend forward simultaneously touching the elbow of your left hand to your right knee. Now, do it with your left leg and right elbow. Repeat it alternatively and do it fast.

Relax! Relax for a minute.


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6. High knees: Sit straight on the chair, hold the arm rest, bend your knees, and now alternatively lift your knees quickly.

7. Seated twists: Keep your hands on the back of your head, with your feet firm on the ground. Now, twist your upper body as further as fast as possible.

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8. Chair running: Sit with your legs extended, toes pointed, arms bent by sides. Brace abs tight and hinge back until your shoulder blades are lightly touching the back of the chair, lifting legs low in front of you. Bend your left knee into your chest, turning your right shoulder in towards the knee, pulling your left elbow slightly back, and then quickly switching sides.

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These exercises will help you with your posture as well. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Seated leg press: Hold the seat of your chair/sofa, lift your legs and keep them straight, now bend your knees and bring your legs closer to your chest. Straighten them up and repeat.

10. Chair hold: Keep your upper body straight, extend your legs up, and lift your legs as much as you can and hold.

Ta-da! You are done with your cardio.

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