Tone your arms at home with these 6 funtastic triceps exercises for beginners

Getting your upper arms in shape is difficult but not impossible, especially when you have these six triceps tamer exercises to help you out.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Mar 2020, 14:39 pm IST
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If your heavy arms are not letting you wear those halter or noodle strap tops then it’s time to tone them up. And what could be better than weight training to achieve that? But before we begin let’s get our basics right.

First, locate your triceps for better contraction
The back of your upper arm is where the triceps muscle is located. And you need to have strong biceps and triceps muscle to get the best out of your weight training.  

How many sets are good enough to get those chiseled upper arms
Well, to begin with, go for 15 reps and 4 sets with a 2.5-kilo dumb-bells. In a month’s time, you can move to 5-kilo weights and can continue with the same reps and sets.   

Now that we are done with the basics, now let’s get down to some business. So, here we present seven super moves that will help you tone your upper arms:

1. Triceps dips
You don’t need any equipment when it comes to triceps dips. You can do it using a bench, chair, stair, table, or just about anything which is flat. The trick to make this move worth it is to keep your legs a little farther apart and when you come up, hold the stance for two to three seconds. Dip deep and while lifting up try to lock your elbow joints for better movement.

2. Close-grip push-ups
Push-ups are a great upper body workout and if you are not in love with the way your arms look then close grip push-ups are the way to go. Also, it’s a great way to flex and warm your triceps. Doing them slowly is the key here.

3. Hand release push-ups
An advanced version of close-grip push-ups, hereafter completing your push-up you need to lie on your stomach and lift your hands up from the ground. So, it’s a contraction and relaxation technique that works in hand release exercise.

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4. Triceps kick-backs
You can do two variations with dumb-bells: with one hand at a time or using both hands simultaneously. The other important thing that you need to remember is the angle. Your body should be tilted at an angle of 45 degrees and your elbows should move at an angle of 90 degrees.


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5. Triceps extension
If your arm bulges are bothering you, then give this tricep extension a try. Try both its variants–standing up and lying down – for better results. And if you are having a hard time doing it with dumb-bells, then use a resistance band.

6. Triceps horizontal press with a resistance band
The trick with triceps muscle is that the more you pull, the more benefits you will get. So, toning with a resistance band is a great way to develop this muscle.

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A word of caution
Don’t do all these exercises in one session. Mix and match and keep swapping them for better results. You can choose any four or five exercises for one triceps session.

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