This ultimate 7-day weight loss challenge will help you burn fat like mad

If you are dedicated to losing fat then we are ready with a challenge for you. Follow it without a cheat sheet and lose that fat!
weight loss challenge
No one said weight loss is going to be easy.
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 27 Jan 2020, 11:26 am IST
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Roll up your sleeves ladies and tie those shoe laces as we have for you the ultimate weight loss challenge that can help you burn those fat lobs quicker than you could have ever imagined.

But before we get to that, cross your heart and pledge that: I (your name), promise that for the next seven days I will wake up on time, eat healthy meals, won’t get persuaded by junk food, and follow this challenge to the best of my abilities. 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s set some ground rules before you begin the challenge:

1. Check your existing weight so that you can measure your progress.
2. If you have any medical condition then consult with your doctor.
3. Keep a check on your diet, because no cheat meals are allowed.

Alright, now you are all geared up so let’s look what your weight loss challenge looks like. Are you game? Awesome! So, let’s do this.

Monday: Slow and steady will help you lose the weight
Day one shouldn’t be hectic so this plan will help you prep your body for what’s coming next.

1 hour | 5 sets each

Tuesday: Core and cardio mash-up
Having a strong core is the foundation. And if you mix it up with some cardio, then your weight loss regime will go wonderfully well. 

1 hour | 5 sets each

weight loss challenge


Keep an idea of your risk of weight-related issues.

Check BMI

Wednesday: Leg day for the win!
Skipping leg day isn’t an option as leg exercises will help you reap maximum results–especially when you want weight loss.

1 hour 15  minutes | 5 sets each

Ideally, you should do 10 reps of 15 steps each. But if the staircase you have access to has more or less steps than this, then feel free to alter the reps. 

Thursday: For the love of the upper body
Just doing cardio won’t make you fit, your body needs toning too–hence, this upper body workout circuit.

1 hour | 5 sets each

Make sure you do the regular push-ups slowly for more toning and fat burn. 

weight loss challenge

Friday: It’s time to work those arms
Flabby arms are every sleeveless-wearing girl’s nightmare, but this circuit will help you deal with that too. This challenge will focus on your biceps and triceps area where maximum amount of fat gets accumulated.

1 hour  | 5 sets each

Saturday: Show love to those love handles
These exercises will blast the fat from your love handles, giving you a lean physique. 

1 hour  | 5 sets each

weight loss challenge

Sunday: It’s time to go big on cardio
Now this is the ultimate showdown of your strength and stamina that you have gained in the entire week, so, go for it.

2 hours  | 5 sets each

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weight loss challenge

While doing this circuit, keep your hydration and energy levels in check
Half an hour before begging the circuit, drink a glass of water, have an apple or seven to 10 almonds. You can also take a shot of black coffee. No sugar please! 

Warm-up is a must to amp up your metabolism
Don’t forget to do your stretches ladies because it’s a must if you don’t want any injuries. Try doing calves raise, and toe, neck and wrist rolls. Make it your morning ritual for these seven days.

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