Here’s how you can take the benefits of squats to the next level with resistance bands

Squats are great for the glutes but you can make them even better with resistance bands.
banded squats
Banded squats are a big boon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 3 Dec 2020, 13:53 pm IST
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You might have come across several YouTube videos of people squatting away to glory using resistance bands. Yes, we are thinking of exactly everything that you are! These bands might just make the exercises simpler but clearly, the results seem enhanced as well.

The good news is that these banded squats are definitely a great way to build muscle and strength. But, they are not as simple as they look! They target your glutes and surrounding muscles, making them a great way to level up from the regular squats.

Before we discuss the benefits of this exercise in detail, let’s first look into the right kind of bands required for it.

Which resistance band should you use?

There are three kinds of resistance bands that one can use for this kind of squats:

i) Loop bands

They provide various levels of resistance. People generally wear it just above the knees or ankles. They’re perfect for full-body exercises.

ii) Mini loop bands

These are meant to be worn above the knees and work well for lower body workouts.

banded squats
Learn how resistance bands make for an effective tool to build muscle strength, with less risk of injury. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
iii) Free bands

They can be used both for upper and lower body workouts. You can tie them into a loop or wrap them around your feet.

You can use a resistance band that feels the most convenient and comfortable for you based on where you are in your fitness journey. The idea is to make squats more challenging, but don’t push your physical limits with very high resistance because it might lead to injury.

The benefits of banded squats

For starters, resistance bands work well because they control the movement of squats from beginning to the end. They provide the much-needed resistance when you lower into a squat. This position is called the eccentric movement. What’s more, they also provide resistance when you go back to the standing position which is known as a concentric movement.

What this essentially means is that your muscles are working under tension throughout the exercise! This means you can fire up your glutes and legs in the best way possible.


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Research suggests that this exercise causes the wear and tear of muscles, permitting the body to repair and strengthen them. Squatting using resistance bands helps the glutes, quadriceps, and hip abductor muscles. It also tones the back and core.

banded squats
Banded squats will help you get that toned butt, the magic number to reach that goal. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here are four great benefits of banded squats:
1. Strengthens weak muscle groups

Banded squats help to fire up glute muscles. Trust us, it is even more important these days, largely because we lead such sedentary lives! Strong glutes don’t just look attractive, but they also improve your posture.

2. Changes the strength curve

When you do squats, you will find yourself being able to do some parts easily, while others might be tough. The point that is the hardest for most is the bottom of the squat. Turns out, that’s where you are at the weakest. You are the strongest at the top of the squat. But, when you do banded squats, you will realise that the top position is much harder because when you stand up, the band provides more resistance.

3. Warm-up

When you use resistance bands at the beginning of your workout, it fires up your glutes and thighs. It is a great way to wake up those muscles, and charge yourself up for an intense workout.

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4. Prevents lower back pain

When you use resistance bands, you develop strong glutes that will prevent injury, especially when it comes to the lower back. In fact, research says that those who suffer from lower back pain have weak glutes and hamstrings. When you work on both these muscle groups, your back issues are likely to improve.

The bottom line

Banded squats are convenient, low cost and the most effective way to build muscle and strength in your glutes. You can safely add resistance bands to most squats, provided you are able to maintain proper form. Begin with lower-resistance bands, and gradually increase resistance from there. Kickass glutes will no longer be a dream now!

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