Stay fit and in shape just like Sara Ali Khan by performing this exercise

Say NO to Sunday breaks! Bollywood actor Sara Ali Khan has inspired us with her strength and stamina in her latest workout update. Excited to find out?
Your weight loss journey can be easy with this exercise. Image courtesy: Sara Ali Khan/Instagram
Aayushi Gupta Published: 4 Oct 2021, 04:09 pm IST
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Bollywood and fitness go hand in hand, there’s no doubt about that. After all, there are many celebrities who share a sneak peek into their workouts with their fans and followers. It does serve as a great motivation for their fans and followers to stay fit. Have you seen Sara Ali Khan’s latest Instagram story? Well, it clearly looks like there’s no Sunday when it comes to fitness for this style icon.

The interesting part? She can be seen performing one of our favourite exercises, Can you guess? It’s jumping squats!

Recently on her Instagram story, Sara Ali Khan’s fitness coach Siddharth Bhargava shared a video of her working out on Sunday and wrote “People who work out on Sunday.” And by reposting the story on her Instagram profile, Sara replied, “People that make you work out on Sundays.” In the video, Khan can be seen performing jumping squats with a vengeance.

Sara Ali Khan swears by squats! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Needless to say, we are absolutely inspired by Sara Ali Khan’s fitness journey. She has yet again proved that if you work hard towards your fitness, you will see the results!

Here’s all about jumping squats

You know jumping squats are better than regular squats. Wondering why? Well because they help with weight loss, fat loss, and toning at the same time. Jumping squats are top-notch HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises that work really well, if weight loss is what you are looking for.

These are the areas jumping squats work on

Jumping squats work on your glutes, lower abs, and leg muscles. In fact, by incorporating its variations, one can shed fat from the lower body, tone their butt muscles, and legs, and improve strength and balance.

Here’s how you can do jumping squats

1. First, you need to go into a half squat with your legs shoulder-width apart. Ensure that your back is straight and your butt is out.
2. Now take a little jump, and land into a squat position. Now, repeat.

But jumping squats aren’t as simple as you think. You will need to be more focused on your form and tempo to get the most out of the move.

Avoid these mistakes while performing jumping squats:

  • Not maintaining adequate hip distance
  • Not breathing properly
  • Not engaging your core
  • Not performing warm-up exercises before starting the exercise
  • Jumping way too high
  • Not keeping your back straight

So, ladies, get up and perform jumping squats, and say YES to Sunday workouts.


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