Speed up your weight loss journey with these 5 best crawling exercises

Crawling to lose weight might sound ridiculous, but the truth is crawling exercises are a great way to work on muscles that we end up ignoring at the gym.
A woman doing the Bear Crawl
This is the best posture for core engagement! Image courtesy: Akshay Gupta via Creative Commons
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 18 Oct 2020, 13:36 pm IST
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Do you think crawling is for babies? Looks like it’s time to burst that bubble and reveal that it can lead to some major weight loss for you. Not to mention, when you crawl muscle strengthening and flexibility is also up for grabs. That’s because crawling exercises work on your entire body in one go.

Crawling exercises are not very different from what we see babies doing. But of course, there is a proper technique and posture that you have to follow to reap some weight loss benefits.  

Here are five crawling exercises you can do to shed those kilos from the most intricate areas of your body:

1. Baby crawl

This exercise is basically for those who are trying their hands on crawling exercises for the very first time. Here you just have to replicate how a baby crawls and you are good to go. This baby crawl helps in relaxing all your muscles and is a great way to do pre-workout stretch.

2. Bear crawl

When you are done warming up with the baby crawl then try this one. This crawling exercise like one level one from the baby crawl. To do this, start from a position where your hips are high up as compared to a push-up position with both knees slightly bent. In this crawl, both your arms and legs will move simultaneously. If you want to flex your upper arms and hamstrings then bear crawl is a great way to do it.

3. Sideways crawl

We only focus on moving backwards and forward. Due to this, the sides remain unattended and end up storing cellulite. That’s why sideways crawl is required. The only difference here is that you have to move once to the left and once to the right. This crawl will help you reduce your muffin top, shape up your butt, and will also burn fat from the inner thigh area.

4. Lizard crawl

Now, this is an advanced-level crawl. This one works in two ways: One, it will help you burn fat; and two, it will also help you gain muscle strength.


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To do this crawl, begin in the bear crawl position. While you bring your foot forward, you should drop your chest and hips so that they almost reach the ground (like a low-plank). As opposed to simultaneously moving your foot and hand, you should move your foot first and afterwards your hand.

This crawl is similar to what you must have seen army cadets doing in an obstacle course.

5. Backwards crawl

This variant might sound and look easy but maintaining the crawling movement while moving backwards is a big task. There are many muscles that remain untouched while doing forward crawls like quads, calves, forearms, and triceps. To make them work hard, you need backwards crawl.

You can either do a bear crawl or baby crawl but here you have to move backwards.

Doing crawls for 30-minutes daily (i.e. 5 minutes for each crawl) is a great way to warm your body up. Plus, your muscles also become ready to do some serious weight lifting. As your muscles are already geared up, there are less chances of injury. Another benefit is that it is very low impact exercise, so your knees and joints are intact too.

So, it’s time to rejig your cardio routine ladies with these crawling exercises. Try it for a month and revive your body.

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