Slay it like Sara Ali Khan: If weight loss is on your mind, then make these 3 moves your BFF

What is Sara Ali Khan’s secret to weight loss, and staying fit and fabulous? Well, it seems like she loves to mix things up!
Sara ali khan
Sara has always been a fitness inspiration! Image courtesy: Sara Ali Khan Facebook page
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 7 Dec 2020, 13:23 pm IST
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From becoming the nation’s sweetheart to turning into a fitness inspiration – Sara Ali Khan has left no stone unturned to charm her fans. Her fitness journey is inspiring and how, and what we love the most is that she gives her sneak peek into her routine, every now and then. In her latest Instagram post, this hottie has revealed how she manages to stay in shape all the time. 

Using a fun play of words, the Coolie No 1 actress has conveyed that exercising is the way to be, if weight loss is on your mind!

This is what her Insta post says:

“You must workout
Push-ups and crunches, don’t lose count
With health and fitness you must be devout
Because that’s what life is really about”

But what does Sara Ali Khan do to get those washboard abs and toned physique? 

Well, these are the three moves that this B-town stunner swears by:  
1. Side knee tucks

OMG! So, now we know the secret of Sara’s well-toned tummy. Actually, you can never go wrong with tummy tucks and the way she does it is just perfect. In her video, Sara is seen in a sumo-squat hold position, with her hands on her head, and then she goes for the side bends or tucks.

Doing side tucks like this not only enhances the contraction in your oblique muscles, but the hold puts more pressure on your core and burns fat rapidly. Plus, you can also tone your legs at the same time!


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2. Dynamic downward and upward facing dog

Now, this is the perfect mix – it’s a yoga pose plus it yields the same impact, as a super push-up. So, dual benefits you see. Also, when it comes to the dynamic downward and upward facing dog pose, then again it is a move for the overall toning of your body. Your shoulders, arms, chest, core, hips, things, quads – in short, every muscle plays its role. Maybe, that’s the reason why Sara does it so passionately.

3. Burpees

This is another of Sara’s favourite exercises, as she has posted it a number of times. And why not, because when it’s about weight loss, you just can’t leave burpees alone. In this post of hers, Sara is seen doing a classic burpee. But if you want to take your weight loss to the next level, then you can try different variations that are available in the fitness galaxy.

So ladies, dive right, as these three moves are all you need to kick some ass a la Sara Ali Khan!

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