She Slays: Nirupama’s single-minded pursuit of weight loss came at a cost. This is her story

An addiction to junk food led Nirupama to the path of obesity. But the course to get thin wasn’t as easy or fruitful as she thought it would be.
weight loss
In my weight loss journey, I learned from my own mistakes. Image Courtesy: Nirupama
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Every non-skinny girl is often called ‘moti’ and ‘bhains’ and I was no different. People somehow like body shaming others and I was too young to understand the adversity of these words but it certainly hit me hard.

I could feel the surge of anger running in my veins when I used to hear people calling me with those names. And that was the moment of self-realisation that it was actually affecting me a hell lot and I was not behaving like myself.

This is how my journey began from fit to fat!
I wasn’t an overweight kid, but when I was 10, puberty happened and I somehow got intensely addicted to junk food. I used to have junk food only for all meals. I loved binging on golgappas, noodles, and aloo patty and had no control over my eating habits. I was around 36 kgs then and in the next five years, I became 60 kgs.

I was often compared with the same age group cousins who are just like my best friends, which really daunted me as a teenager. At the same time, puberty ensured that I had acne all over. Then came a point when I hated looking at the mirror. I felt underconfident and unpleasant looking at myself. And that’s what motivated me to become the best version of myself.

weight loss
As she aged, her deteriorating health along with her weight gain became an issue. Image Courtesy: Nirupama

My journey towards a better self…
I was in class 11th when I was motivated by a session on health and prevention of cancer conducted in school. Knowing that I have a family history of cancer, I started paying more attention to my health and avoided everything that could possibly be harmful to my health. 

From then on, I ditched junk food for good. By just avoiding junk I felt more energetic and efficient. And trust me the process wasn’t easy–but the way my body started feeling is what kept me motivated.

Soon, I started paying attention to what and how much I was eating. At the same time, I was introduced to the concept of intermittent fasting. I started having one meal which usually consisted of one chapati along with a bowl full of sabzi and daal. And during the rest of the day, I loved eating seasonal fruits and nuts. The one thing I made sure of was that there was minimal-carb in my diet.

I followed this diet along with running and abs workout for three years and I successfully lost 15 kilos. I came down to just 45 kgs with just 10% of body fat. I was in college, and it was the first time in a very long time when I felt confident about myself. The way I looked suddenly gave me a surge of confidence.

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 But something was wrong…
When I started working and moved to a new city, I noticed I don’t look healthy anymore. I was just slim with dull and acne-prone skin. I wasn’t eating well and my skin was exactly reflecting that. I was also diagnosed with PCOS. With my focus on weight loss, I became deficient in essential nutrients. 


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I started falling sick more often and that’s when I realized that only losing weight is not enough. That being fit was equally important. I shifted my focus from just losing weight to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.

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What I learned from my mistake…
Now I weigh 48kgs which is quite healthy for my height and body structure. I don’t focus on my calorie intake anymore as I’ve understood the importance of a balanced diet. So, my current mantra is to eat clean along with exercising regularly.

I go to the gym four times a week and also have started weight training which I believe is so important for women to maintain healthy bones and also to increase metabolism as they age.

This is what my current routine looks like
Before heading to the office I make sure that I do a few asanas like bhujanga asana, dhanur asana, anulom vilom, and kapal bharti to start my day off. I try to keep my breakfast as heavy as possible with sprouted salad along with a portion of fruit. 

For lunch, I usually pack a vegetable salad with some fruit or sometimes one chapati with some sabzi. After I come back from the office, I head out straight for the gym where I spend around an hour working out. 

weight loss
Nirupama truly exemplified that failure is always a semicolon and not a full stop. Image Courtesy: Nirupama

My workout routine consists of 20 minutes of cardio, followed by weight training such as tricep extension, bicep curl, lateral raise, squats with weight, and lat pulldown to name a few. 

I like to munch on roasted channa, peanuts or makhana whenever I feel hungry in between. For dinner, I keep it simple and light–like stir-fried vegetables. I also reward myself with my favourite cuisine when I feel like, but I make sure I burn those calories too!

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The one lesson I’ve learned from my journey is to be forever grateful to your body and never to take it for granted.

(As told to Shreya Gupta)

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