Sameera Reddy misses her weight loss target, but says ‘it’s good to stop and reset’

Actor Sameera Reddy has put out an inpiring Instagram post on missing her weight loss target. And no, she isn't cribbing!
weight loss
Sameera Reddy sends out life lessons via Instagram. Image courtesy: Sameera Reddy | Instagram
Team Health Shots Published: 10 Oct 2021, 15:00 pm IST
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Weight loss is always a personal journey. Some lose the extra pounds quickly, and some prefer to win the weight loss battle with the better and healthier, slow and steady pace. Some set targets, some go with the flow. Actor Sameera Reddy, who has always been frank about her trysts with body shaming and tackling weight woes, has once again opened up about the subject in a way that leaves her fans totally kicked and motivated.

weight loss
From stretch marks to skin woes – Sameera Reddy addresses them all on her social media. Image courtesy: Sameera Reddy | Instagram

Sameera had set a weight loss target for herself till this Diwali. But now she’s sure she’s gonna miss it. Is she cribbing and sulking? No! The mum of two is feeling truly positive, and ensuring that we feel some of it too!

The actor took to her Instagram page recently, continuing her ritual of posting #fitnessfriday updates. This time, on her weight loss journey, she wrote, “The last bit is the hardest! But I try and stay consistent with the workouts. I’m not going to make my Diwali target, but I’m going to keep going!”

“My whole process has slowed down but sometimes it’s good to stop and reset! Feeling strong, feeling good and staying motivated, that’s a constant work in progress for us. What are your #fitnessfriday updates? #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #letsdothis.”

She has been following intermittent fasting and yoga, apart from conscious sugar control and playing the good ol’ game of badminton. Once in a while, she also enjoys boxing.

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Inspiring her fans and social media followers isn’t new to Sameera, who embarked on her fitness journey a few months ago. Often, she dwells on the importance of mental health and accepting our bodies as they are, and shares her thoughts with fans.

Her latest weight loss post is accompanied by a heartwarming, smiling picture in which Sameera really exudes the energy and sentiment of her inspiring post.

Check out her Instagram update below!



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On social media, the 42-year-old quite the firecracker! She also shut down a follower for criticising her for trying to lose weight and work out while talking about body positivity.

“Everyone has their own definition of body; and we can’t judge it. Acceptance and goals go hand in hand. Whatever the goal may be. The #bodypositivity movement focuses on the uniqueness of every shape and size . To uplift, to empower and to inspire. Whatever your choices may be,” she wrote as a reply to the follower.

Motivational, isn’t it?

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