Try this simple hack while running and get a toned belly in return

Running with your arms up serves multiple purposes that no other exercise can, including giving you a flat belly. So if you’re running for weight loss, try this hack.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 14 Jan 2021, 11:50 am IST
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The movement of your arms can make so much difference, when you run. It not just helps you build the aerodynamics, so that you can increase your speed but it also helps in maintaining the momentum. Did you know? Running with your arms up has its own perks.

You must have seen several old Hindi flicks, where soldiers in the army were asked to run with their hands-up as punishment. That’s because it is more strenuous than regular running. You need to have better stamina and body strength to run with your arms up.

The best part is this is another form of compound exercise that works well both as cardio and in muscle toning. So, what are the body parts it targets? Well, to be honest it targets them all. In fact, as you hold your arms up, it causes muscle contraction, due to which you achieve improved muscle toning.

Here are three more reasons why you should put your arms up, especially if running for weight loss is your goal:
1. Running with your arms up burns more calories

As mentioned above, running with your arms up needs more energy. That energy is achieved when fat content is burnt in your body. It also increases your heart rate, as you breathe along, and in the end, you achieve weight loss.

Running for weight loss
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2. It stretches your core and works your belly muscles too

When you hold your arms up, then your core, chest, and shoulders get the maximum stretch. Your quads also get worked out, but the impact isn’t as much as what is experienced by the upper body. This stretch helps in better engagement of the muscles, and that’s exactly what muscle training is all about. The result – a flat belly and well-sculpted shoulders.

3. It reduces the chances of injury

When you run with your arms up, you can’t really run very fast. That’s because this position lacks aerodynamics that help you increase your speed. Due to this, it immediately transforms from a high-impact exercise to a low- impact one. This reduces the wear and tear of your muscles, and your knees stay safe too.

Running for weight loss
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So, you see how this simple trick of just holding your hands upright while running can make this exercise so effective. Do give this one a shot, and let us know if you feel a difference or not.

Till then stay fit, and keep slaying!

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