Want to blast the FUPA? Try these 5 exercises to reduce lower belly fat

The pursuit to reduce lower belly fat or fat upper pubic area can be strenuous, but here are a few exercises to help you battle the bulge.
Exercises to reduce belly fat
Reduce belly fat with these exercises. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Radhika Bhirani Published: 30 Sep 2022, 19:48 pm IST
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If you think how to reduce belly fat is one of the top-most concerns when it comes to body shape among women, wait till you know this! FUPA, a slang and an acronym for for fat upper pubic area, is a far tougher spot to deal with. As women age and deal with lifestyle-led issues such as obesity, lower belly fat tends to just accumulate. If you want to know how to reduce lower belly fat or how to get rid of FUPA, you should know that it takes more than just going on a crash diet!

FUPA came up in conversation after celebrity entrepreneur Anshula Kapoor’s body positivity confession. In an Instagram post declaring her gradual progress in embracing her body for what it is, Anshula wrote, “It is okay to be covered in stretch marks, it is normal to have cellulite and texture, skin is meant to fold and roll, and my FUPA is always going to be a part of me and that’s okay too!”

Anshula Kapoor FUPA
Anshula Kapoor has embraced her FUPA! Image courtesy: Instagram| Anshula Kapoor

Now if you were left scratching your head about what FUPA is and why does it happen, let us tell you a little about it.

Well, FUPA tends to look like an extra layer of fat right above your public area. You could blame it on childbirth, rapid weight loss, genetics or even ageing. Weight gain is a major factor which increases belly fat due to visceral fat which is hard to get rid of.

There is no sure-shot way to get rid of lower belly fat, but you must focus on lifestyle changes. Make sure you eat a balanced or calorie-deficit diet, have a regular exercise regime, as well as remain stress-free. You could try certain exercises to tone up! To help you with some of the best exercises for belly fat reduction, Health Shots reached out to fitness expert Robin Behl of The Tribe.

He says, ‘There’s no such thing as spot reduction but some basic and fundamental movements can help you build a strong foundation.”

5 exercises to reduce lower belly fat or FUPA

1. Skipping for belly fat loss

We tend to believe that doing abs and crunches is the only way to defeat stubborn belly fat. But even skipping is a great core strengthening exercise. It not just speeds up metabolism and engages the whole body to burn calories, but also improves overall strength. Besides, it’s inexpensive as all you need is a good skipping rope and a pair of comfortable shoes. Know all about the benefits of skipping!

Skipping for weight loss
Skipping is great for overall weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Squats are effective to reduce lower belly fat

If building a fat-free midsection is your aim, you should include squats in your fitness regime. It’s no wonder exercise to burn FUPA, but they are good for muscle-building. Squats take effort and put pressure on the stomach, apart from also raising metabolism which help to blast calories. Learn how to do squats correctly!

3. Push ups can increase core strength

Most of these basic exercises are aimed at burning overall fat. Spot reduction, as Behl rightly said, is a myth. You cannot target fat loss from certain areas in your body. What you can, however, do is indulge in exercises which reduce overall weight. You will slowly then start to see the difference in the size of your belly.

4. Mountain climbers will get rid of FUPA

Mountain climbers for belly fat loss are a magic mantra! They combine cardio and muscle training to blast excess fat. These are great to fire up your core muscles and build abdominal strength.


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mountain climbers build core strength
Mountain climbers build core strength. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Leg raises are great exercise for flat stomach

Leg raises are particularly good to melt belly fat. When you raise your legs in the air, you will feel the crunch in your stomach. The pain will be an indication of how leg raises help to tone up your belly. It may not alone give you a flat stomach, but leg raises are effective if you’re trying to get rid of FUPA.

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