Massage these 10 facial points for up to 10 minutes for 10 days to reduce face fat

No plastic surgery or face lifting, and definitely not hardcore exercises – all you need is a face massage to reduce face fat in no time.
reduce face fat
Rock that chiseled jaw-line like a queen! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 13 Oct 2021, 07:00 am IST
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Have you realized that when you go for a facial or face spa appointment, the masseuse presses your face at certain points quite a few times? Does it ring a bell? Well, that’s because these points’ help in regulating blood flow, due to which our skin feels brighter and tighter. Not just that, pressing these points regularly can also help in reducing face fat.

How? Well, let’s find out.

How does pressing your face can help in the reduction of face fat?

According to celebrity dermatologist, Dr Ajay Rana, our face also has numerous lymphatic nodes. The lymphatic system of the body is a crucial part of our immune system. It drains out fluid called lymph to be transported back into our bloodstream. Furthermore, it also removes bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help to prevent any kind of infections.

Reduce face fat
A double chin is an enemy to a chiseled jawline. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

He tells HealthShots, “Lymphatic massages work well with people dealing with problems like lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. Our lymphatic system is totally dependent on the movement of smooth muscles to transport fluid through the lymph vessels. Several health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of lymph that causes lymph fluid to build up in a particular area of the body, generally in the arms or legs, where it can cause swelling. This condition is called lymphedema.”

The first step of the massage starts with stretching of the skin and the following is meant to send lymphatic fluid to the lymph nodes. The treatment must be a certified lymphedema therapist.

But the best part is that you don’t have to go anywhere when HealthShots is there to help you out.

Reduce face fat
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Here’s how!

Press these 10 points for 10 minutes to get that chiseled jaw-line

1. Starting of the ear on the facial side
2. Back of the ear
3. Ending of the ear and start of the jawline
4. Back of the head
5. Where your neck and chin meets
6. Tip of the chin
7. Back of the neck
8. Side of the neck
9. Neck area right below the ear
10. Front of the neck

Refer to the illustration that we have created for you to reduce confusion.

facial massage


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Here are some points to remember, while pressing these points on the face:
  • Apply less pressure
  • Keep your hands relaxed
  • Do not massage swollen or infected areas
  • After the massage drink extra fluids, ideally 2 to 4 glasses of water to help flush the body
  • Apply some oils on the face or fingers to make the movement smoother
  • Use the index and middle finger of both your hands. For some points like the back of the neck etc, you can also use your thumb.

“Apart from that, if you stay active and eat a healthy diet, you will notice that the amalgamation of these two with facial massage will help you get instant results”, concludes Dr Rana.

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