Nargis Fakhri’s weight loss journey is proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way

Updated on:29 July 2020, 10:38am IST
Trolled and shamed for her weight, Nargis Fakhri has been sharing her weight loss journey through her Instagram with one message–it’s important to get fit, not skinny.
Shreya Gupta
If Nargis can do it, so can you! Image courtesy: Nargis Fakhri/Facebook

Nargis Fakhri recently took to Instagram to share her inspirational body transformation. In the process, she has left social media in awe. The Rockstar actor has shed an impressive 13 kilos in the span of six months–reaching 68 kilos from a whopping 81.

In fact, her Instagram handle is filled with her fitness videos along with inspirational captions.


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Trying hard to get back into shape. 💪🏽💃🏼 Lonely Together – Avicii feat Rita Ora Tag: @avicii & @ritaora

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If rumours are to be believed, Nargis went through a rough time in the past owing to her breakup. During this time, the actress and model also dealt with body shaming from fans. But she hasn’t let it dampen her spirit and has instead made conscious efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

While it’s okay to lose weight and become the best version of yourself, we believe that it’s all about loving your body, no matter what. When Nargis was body-shamed by her fans, the actress made sure she told the world that she’s undertaking the journey to become fit and not skinny. She also understands the importance of having cheat days, but what’s more important is adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

On her Instagram, she has also shared how she starts her day with an organic detox drink made of fresh turmeric, lemon, lime, and honey tea.

In fact, last year she motivated her fans to hit the grind by sharing the following on her Instagram: “Nothing in life comes easy. We all have to work for it. The key is being consistent. Have discipline and the ability to stay focused and you can reach any goal. I was 179 lbs but today i am 152lbs. It’s taken about 6 months or more to lose that weight the right way! But I’m doing it. I’m on my way to a fitter me!”

Later, she deleted the post from her handle. But her words and journey have been immortalised on the Internet.

But the best part about her this journey that she shares with all of us? The very delicious and healthy meals that are mouth-watering. Case in point: This açai bowl.


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Healthy start. #aciabowl

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We think it’s safe to say that she is doing what all of us set out to do each New Year–get fit. But if you’ve lost track of that goal, make Nargis your inspiration and get started. Because, it’s better late than never!


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