Make a note of these 10 tips that will fire up your weight loss journey

Weight loss is a slow and steady process, but you can totally accelerate it by adding these 10 tips to your routine.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 7 Jun 2021, 02:33 pm IST
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Weight loss is not a sprint but more of a marathon, we say! Every step that you take in your weight loss journey matters – you might not see a difference instantly, but it has an impact in some way or the other. The differentiator between people who are able to achieve the kind of body they desire and the rest are some ground rules that they abide by. You might give these things a blind eye but once you start including them in your routine, you realize this is exactly what was missing. You know why? That’s because these are tips that will actually help you lose weight faster.  

And today we are going to reveal all of them to you, one by one. Are you ready? So let’s go:

1. Don’t forget to sip water between workouts

Water is one of the most underrated drinks. That’s why we want you to say this right away, so that you don’t forget about it! When you work out, you lose a lot of water content and therefore, you have to replenish your body time and again. Water also helps you stay energized, thereby enhancing your performance, which ultimately leads to more and faster weight loss.

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2. Long sessions do not mean more weight loss

There are some people who believe that spending more time in the gym means more weight loss. Unfortunately, it’s the biggest myth of them all. As you know, overdoing anything is bad and that also applies to exercising. Even a hardcore 30-minute routine of Tabata, HIIT, or aerobics can give you results that you can’t even imagine. The only thing is that you must follow it to the T.

3. Know the move

If you don’t know the right way of doing an exercise, it’s all going to be wasted effort, because it won’t target the right muscles. So, first take it slow, learn the right way to do it, practice it, and then go full throttle.

4. Stop sticking to one routine

In today’s day and age, the fitness world has something on offer for everyone. Mixing things up doesn’t just help in sculpting every inch of your body but will also spare you from boredom. You can very well switch from one routine to another within 15 days or every month.

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5. Don’t forget to plan your routine

Planning is the key. You must chalk out how your exercise and diet schedule will look like. What body part are you going to target? What are the moves that will be a part of your routine? This will not just help you work on your entire body, but will save a lot of time.

6. Crash dieting will never result in weight loss

It is a known fact that a crash diet is the worst thing you can do to your body. If you are into weight loss and thinking of planning a diet chart, you should follow the two-hour rule. Basically, you have to eat after every two hours and FYI, you must eat healthy. Don’t forget, we are talking about weight loss here.

Another thing important for weight loss is your protein intake. So be vigilant about that as well.

7. Yoga se bhi weight loss hoga

For many people, yoga seems like a cakewalk but hello, it really isn’t. Yoga is harder than what it seems like, since it has the capacity to burn more calories than your usual training. So, you can totally bet on it.


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8. Your body also needs rest, don’t forget

Resting restores energy in your body, and at the same time, also recharges your muscles and avoids unnecessary wear and tear. Not resting enough will impact your performance, which further impacts your weight loss.

9. Pick a routine that you enjoy

You can dance, play a sport, run, do weight training, Zumba, kick-boxing, or anything that you like.

10. Persistence is key

The key is to keep exercising and not skip it unnecessarily. This can only happen if you enjoy it. So, pick wisely and you will stay on track.

And that’s about it! Just try to follow these rules for at least a month and you are sure to see positive results.

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