Lose that belly fat in a month with this high-intensity workout that just needs 30 minutes

It’s time to blast that belly fat once and for all with the help of this high-intensity circuit that is devised to tone your abs.
It’s time to strike the belly fat real hard.
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 21 Jul 2020, 08:00 am IST
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If you are tired of your pot belly hanging out and the thought of wearing shapewear in this heat makes you sweat, hail this workout plan which is the ultimate cure to your belly woes. With a variety of exercises, all for your abdominal area, this one will blast belly fat to give you chiseled abs. 

The best part? You just need to devote 30 minutes every alternate day to see the results.

So, without further ado, here are 10 core moves you must do for a flat belly:

1. Half crunches
This one will fire up your upper abdomen while also working as a warm-up exercise.
How many reps: 25

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Do half crunches for a chiselled abs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. High knees
Who says that you need to be lying flat on a mat to work those abs? You can hit all the muscles in your lower abdomen by doing high knees.
How many reps: 50 from each leg

3. Flutter kicks
This one is the ultimate lower-abs fat cutter. When it comes to flutter kicks, the speed and leg extension matters a lot so keep both in mind while doing this exercise.
How many reps: 50 from each leg

4. V-ups
Well, if you are committed to getting abs then v-ups will help you out because this one targets the upper, mid, and lower abs–all at once.
How many reps: 15


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5. Russian twists
A flat tummy and love handles cannot possibly co-exist, so you need to work your sides with the help of Russian twists.
How many reps: 25 on each side

6. Side kicks
Side kicks are the magic pill your abs need. They not only sculpt your oblique muscles but will also help you develop a frame of your abs. Plus, you‘ll get a toned butt free, free, free.
How many reps: 25 on each side

7. Standard plank
Planks are a must to tone your core. But before you move on to fancy variations of the exercise, start by acing the standard plank.
Duration: 1 minute

8. Straight arm plank
Move into the second variation of planks with the straight arm plank. This one gives an inclination to your body and helps your core contract.
Duration: 1 minute

9. Side plank
It’s time to tighten your side muscles for a well-shaped belly. Side planks are unfortunately one of the most ignored plank variations, even though they work wonders when achieving flat abs is the aim.
Duration: 30 seconds on each side

Side plank

10. Skipping
To get a lean stomach, you must do cardio in the end. Just remember to suck in your tummy and skip your way to a flat belly. A study published in the journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition states that cardio at the end of a workout can bestow you a leaner body.
How many reps: 100

Things to keep in mind
Take a one-minute break in between, repeat this circuit two more times, and get ready to say howdy to a flat tummy in a month’s time. 

That said, losing belly fat is no joke as you need to maintain a proper diet, with a good protein intake. So, stick to this circuit, eat well, and throw away those tight and uncomfortable body suits because you might not need them anymore.

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