Here’s how to do lateral running to get rid of your love handles

Lose all the belly fat and tone your tummy with lateral running.
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The easy way to lose belly fat and tone up is to add a resistance band to your workout. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 9 Dec 2020, 16:52 pm IST
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Only running will not give you that curvy waistline you want. For an hourglass figure, you have to practice a variety of exercises to ensure that every area of your belly can feel the heat. Hence, we’re here to introduce you to lateral running.

Lateral running has the reputation of being ‘too easy’ but what’s the harm in losing weight the easy way? In spite of its reputation, lateral running is considered to be one of the most effective lower-body exercises. It’s all about sprinting your way to weight loss.

It’s time ace lateral running!

It is a basic move that beginners must do in order to strengthen their legs and make their core tighter. If you talk about the muscle groups targeted by lateral running then the list includes abdomen muscles, oblique (sides), lower back, hip, thighs, and calves. 

Lateral running requires space. So, you can do it on your terrace, or any open space. Just ensure there are no obstructions in the middle of your runway.

You will have to move side to side. So, be on your toes and start moving to one side. When you hit the end of that side, bend down to touch your toes. After this, immediately start moving to the other side.

You have to do it for 4 minutes continuously, take a minute-long break and begin again. You need to do 5 such sets every day to get that belly in shape.

If you’ve been exercising for some time now and think this is too easy, you can introduce a variation. Take a resistance band and wear it around both your ankles. The resistance band will create some extra tension and you will require more force than usual to pull off lateral running.

Here are 6 things to remember while doing a lateral run:

1. Don’t go flat on your foot otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain the momentum.

2. Warming up is extremely important before doing lateral running. Do basic stretches like hamstring stretches, calf raises, ankle twists, side and front bending, etc.


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3. Be light on your feet.

4. If you are using a resistance band, we would recommend doing the first set without it.

lateral walking
Ditch normal running the normal way and try lateral running for better results. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Don’t forget to engage your core.

6. Try to hop a little because doing so will accentuate the overall impact of this exercise.

There you go, ladies! This is the simplest way to lose belly fat. Give it 20 minutes every day and see the results!

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