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Let actress Disha Patani show you how to kickbox your flab away

If you’ve always wondered how kickboxing can be a part of your fitness routine—then let Disha Patani, and this read, be your ultimate inspiration.
Disha Patani
This video by Disha Patani is the motivation you need. Image courtesy: Disha Patani/Instagram
Shreya Gupta Published: 19 Jan 2021, 17:24 pm IST
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f you think that being fit or healthy means there is absolutely no scope for cheat days, then you are wrong! Cheating on your diet or exercise regimen every once in a while is okay! You just need to ensure that your cheat day doesn’t become an excuse to ditch your normal workout routine again. And if you want inspiration to get that done,  then just head to Disha Patani’s Instagram feed. 

In a recent post, Disha can be seen revealing her secret to recovering from a cheat day. The actress chose kickboxing to shed extra calories really quick. You can check out her post here: 

If you think kickboxing is only a type of martial art—with no place in your fitness routine—then here’s an update. Although it can leave you injured, when done under supervision it can be really fun. Not to mention, kickboxing can also give you these four benefits:

1. It promotes cardiovascular health

A study published in the Muscles Ligaments Tendons Journal found that an hour of kickboxing, three days a week, can increase the maximum oxygen uptake. The higher the uptake, the more efficiently your body is using the oxygen.

2. It facilitates weight loss

While any form of physical activity can help you with weight loss, kickboxing is a form of full-body aerobic exercise which not only burns calories but is also very fun to do. Moreover, a study published in the journal Biology of Sport found that kickboxers have a lower body fat percentage and higher muscle mass.

3. Can relive stress and promote better sleep

Kickboxing is actually a great way to kick off all your pent-up stress. The constant movement and energy with which you kick can all help you in releasing stress from the body. A study published in the Japanese Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports also found that these kinds of exercises can very well help reduce stress and anxiety.

Exercise has proven benefits on the quality of sleep and you are stressed less, it ensures that you sleep better at night!


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Kickboxing can help you get better sleep. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. It tones the whole body

If you are looking for one exercise that is effective and also fun to do, then kickboxing should be the one. Whether you are looking for toning your legs, core, or arms, kickboxing can help them tone it all!

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