I started walking for just 15 minutes after every meal and lost weight

I am not saying it, science is! Turns out, walking shortly after a meal can speed up your metabolism, aid digestion, and help you lose weight.
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Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 11 Oct 2023, 16:40 pm IST
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Like many people in the world, I am not a fan of spending hours in the gym or starving myself to lose weight. Short on time and the required motivation, I tried the Italian trick of walking after every meal for just 15 minutes to see what I could achieve.  

To be honest, I wanted to try this hack to avoid the post-meal lethargy. But, to my surprise, it helped me face the weighing scale with a smile within a month.

A study conducted at the Old Dominion University, Norfolk in Virginia, USA explains how doing this one little thing can help you lose weight: “Twenty minutes of self-paced walking done shortly after meal consumption can result in lower plasma glucose levels at the end of the exercise (sic).” 

Not to mention, walking helps your body burn calories–no matter when you do it. 

But how does walking post a meal help exactly?

Basically, after you’re done eating, your digestive system converts food into glucose, the primary source of energy for your body. As a result, the glucose levels in your body shoot up.

Now, 15 minutes after the meal, if you head outside for a stroll instead of your living room to marinate on the couch, here’s what happens: instead of all that energy from glucose being conserved, your muscles use it up as you unknowingly take baby steps towards an efficient metabolism.

This trick is particularly beneficial post dinner, as this way you won’t go to bed will a high level of unused glucose in your body. 

So, go for the grind

Ladies, walk for the win and well—for the weight loss of your dreams. At least, it’s a start, right? You can begin by walking for 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration. 


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Even if this routine doesn’t help you lose the kilos,  you’ll still be doing your digestive system a huge favour, while decreasing your risk of getting diabetes too. What more do you want? 


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