Want to know how to lose your belly fat? Here are 6 hacks to your rescue

Who doesn’t hate that bulge that comes out when you wear jeans? So if you want to lose belly fat, then follow these 6 weight loss tips.
lose belly fat
Belly fat can be really stubborn, but these tips can help you get rid of it! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 04:13 pm IST
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If you had to name one area from where losing fat is a task, then we are sure you would have pointed to your lower abdominal region. Not only is belly fat unsightly, it also comes with a tonne of health risks. Accumulation of fat in this area increases the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease, amongst other things.

So if you want to be in the pink of health, you need to reduce belly fat. And although this can be a difficult feat—we have six science-backed hacks to help you out. So get ready to learn how to lose belly fat, right here:

1. Eat soluble fibre

You must know that fibre is essential for a smoother bowel movement, promoting a healthy digestive system. Various studies, including ones published in the Journal of Nutrition and Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, found that soluble fibre can aid weight loss. It keeps you fuller longer, so eventually, you eat less.

reduce belly fat
Fibre-rich foods are a must if you want to reduce belly fat! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Another study published in the journal Obesity (Silver Spring) examined over 1,100 adults and found that when they increased 10 grams of soluble fibre, they reduced their body fat by 3.7% over a period of 5 years! So, try including flax seeds, sprouts, legumes, avocados and other such foods that are high in soluble fibre.

2. Take less stress

Stress can be the real devil in your life! The more you stress, the more problems you tend to have. Turns out, it can also make you gain belly fat! Research published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology found that high cortisol levels in your body drive you to eat more and this extra fat directly goes into your abdominal area.

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So, it is better to sit back and relax. Practice yoga or meditation and try avoiding stress as much as you can!

3. Reduce your carb intake

Too much carb isn’t healthy for your body and the excess of it gets stored in your body as fat. So reducing your carb intake can be very significant in losing belly fat. A study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism found that consuming less than 50 grams of carbs can result in fat loss.

However, you don’t have to completely cut down or go on a restricted diet for it. Research published in the journal Mediators of Inflammation suggests replacing refined carbs with unprocessed starchy carbs.

4. Add apple cider vinegar to your diet

Apple cider vinegar is not only good for your hair and skin, but it also has impressive health benefits. The acetic acid in it helps in reducing abdominal fat. And it has been confirmed in a study published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.


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lose belly fat
Yes, apple cider vinegar can legit help you lose that belly fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Another research published in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry that performed a 12-week study in obese men found that those who took 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day lost half an inch from their waists. However, make sure you are diluting it with water and then consuming it.

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5. Drink green tea

For the longest time, green tea has been known to burn fat. And recently various studies have proved this claim too. Since it contains caffeine and the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), it helps in boosting metabolism which promotes fat loss from your belly region.

green tea for weight loss
Green tea is the fat burner you need. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Consume more protein

Protein is just not important for building muscle mass, but it is one of the most essential components of your diet and you shouldn’t miss it. Research shows that protein can reduce your cravings by 60% and boost metabolism by 80–100 calories per day. This may sound less, but trust us—when it comes to weight loss, it is huge!

A study published in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism found that participants who consumed more protein have less abdominal fat. While research from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that protein was linked to a reduced chance of abdominal fat in women. If you really want to shed belly fat then add protein as it is one of the most effective ways you can reach your goal.

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