HIIT vs LIIT: How to decide what’s better for your weight-loss journey

Everyone on the heavier side of the weight scale wants the best possible weight loss exercise! An expert tells you all that you need to know.
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Team Health Shots Published: 18 Aug 2022, 11:30 am IST
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An exercise routine may not be standard. It can differ from person to person, depending upon age, flexibility, capability, caliber, stamina, health conditions and more aspects. While the fitness world is abuzz with HIIT and LIIT routines, do you find yourself scratching your head over what may be better if your eyes are set on weight loss? Come, let us find out what’s the better weight loss exercise between the two.

Health Shots got in touch with Gaurav Pawar, K11 certified personal trainer, to understand the difference between HIIT and LIIT.

Facts about HIIT

HIIT is defined as High Intensity Interval Training and is a higher intensity workout for shorter durations.

In HIIT, one pushes to complete a set in shorter intervals of time. In simpler terms, these workouts are short bursts of intense exercises alternated with recovery periods. The composition of a HIIT is to put in maximum effort when at peak and then take a break to recover, followed by a repeat of the set depending on the goal. This kind of workout increases the heart rate, forcing your body to burn calories.

HIIT benefits
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Benefits of HIIT

* Burns more calories in a short time frame
* Reduces blood pressure and blood sugar
* Improves oxygen intake
* Facilitates proper digestion

All about LIIT

LIIT is Low Intensity Interval Training or also commonly known as Low Intensity Steady State. It is done for a longer duration at a steady pace.

LITT is a form of cardio exercise where one maintains the same low-intensity pace for a set period of time. This time can depend on the duration one sets for their workout, 30 minutes to an hour.

The goal of this kind of workout is to perform it at a steady pace in order to sustain energy to consistently workout for the stipulated time of the workout.

Benefits of LIIT

* Helps to increase mobility
* Improve strength
* Improves cardiovascular endurance
* Gentler workout for joints

Check out this LIIT exercise routine you can easily do on your periods.


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HIIT vs LIIT: What’s a better weight loss exercise?

Many people struggle with losing weight and maintaining a deficit. As a result of this, people get on workout and diet fads trying out unsustainable ways of losing weight. Having a certain goal in terms of weight or reducing belly fat can be a motivating factor, but compounding your entire fitness journey just solely on weight loss can be a wrong outlook to have.

So, to answer your question of what may be better for weight loss, Pawar explains, “Instead of fixating on weight loss, one should concentrate more on fat loss for the body. For fat loss, both HIIT and LIIT are effective in their own ways.”

HIIT and LIIT workouts are also good for muscle endurance. For building muscle, muscle hypertrophy and strength one should also focus on weight training under the proper guidance of a registered exercise professional.

To summarize, one can incorporate different kinds of workout in their regime and reap the benefits from them.

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Other than the exercise segment, one has to majorly focus on the dietary aspect.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in fat loss and muscle retention. Any kind of physical activity can help to lose fat but in the longer scheme of sustainable fitness and health, nutrition plays a key role. One has to maintain a calorie deficit to lose fat and ensure a proper intake of all macro-nutrients. Sufficient intake of protein, proper recovery and a sustainable, consistent fitness regime is the way to journey to your goal!

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