Here is how you can dance your way to weight loss, according to a fitness trainer

Dancing can not only make you happy, but also help you lose a lot of weight. Learn how this cardo activity can come to your rescue.
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Anuja Gude Published: 20 Aug 2020, 19:19 pm IST
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Of late dance has emerged as a favourite when it comes to losing weight and becoming fitter. To cultivate a habit as a long-term routine, we need to find some joy in it. That’s where dance as a form of workout has an unbeatable charm.

Dancing is a full-fledged cardio workout and can be quite helpful in losing that extra fat. It is the effectiveness of dance as a workout routine which has seen emergence of fitness centres offering aerobics, Zumba and salsa classes. The best thing about dance is that despite being a whole-body exercise, it doesn’t make you feel bored or unhappy.

Not to mention, dancing allows movement of the whole body and enhances your fitness as well as flexibility. Research has shown that dancing helps you release dopamine making you feel relaxed and happy.

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Now that we’ve hopefully convinced you to join the dance wagon, let’s take a look at some of the most popular dance workout forms that you can try:

1. Zumba
Zumba is the rage today and it is probably the fastest growing dance workout form globally. The high-energy dance form is a hybrid of the Latin dance styles and aerobics. Zumba focuses on moving multiple body parts simultaneously and is ideal for all age groups. It is rapidly catching up as a group workout form or simply to have some fun while losing weight. The high-pace movements of Zumba can make you lose 500 to 800 calories in just one hour-long session.

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2. Hip hop
Hip hop is very popular as an advanced form of dance workout. This dance form requires a great deal of control, stamina, and physical strength. Hip-hop’s intensity makes it a great choice to lose the extra kilos. However, you must be aware that hip hop requires good physical fitness and unless you have a certain level of fitness, you are unlikely to keep up the pace with the hip hop workout speed.

3. Salsa
Hollywood as well as Bollywood films have successfully established salsa as an enticing and romantic dance form. While passionate and teasing moves are often considered as a part of salsa, it can also be a very effective form of workout. This form is highly popular among couples as it is can not only help them burn calories, but also enjoy great bonding moments.

4. Bollywood
When it comes to dance workouts, Bollywood dance can compete with the most effective ones. The irresistible beats of dance music can even make people with two left feet break into frenzied dancing. Thus, Bollywood dance is certainly a great form of cardio and fat burning routine for every fitness enthusiast.


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That’s not all!
Apart from the above-mentioned dance workouts, there are numerous other alternatives varying from freestyle to break-dance and even belly-dancing which can positively impact various body parts such as arms, legs, back and buttocks. Consistent dance workouts can improve your stamina, physical strength and flexibility. Further, by releasing dopamine dance workouts can make you feel relaxed, improve your heart rate and boost your immunity.

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