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Here are 5 times the queen of Bollywood Kangana inspired us to get fit

Published on:6 November 2020, 19:15pm IST
Kangana Ranaut has motivated everyone to stay strong through the pandemic through her fitness posts.
Shreya Gupta
Looking for fitness inspiration? Visit Kangana IG account right away Image courtesy: Kangana Ranaut/Instagram
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Love her or hate her, there’s no way you can ignore Kangana. There are a lot of reasons she stays in news and one of them is definitely her fitness. If you scroll through her Instagram profile, you will see that she doesn’t just work hard to maintain her fitness but also inspires others through her posts.

Here are 5 times Kangana motivated all of us to get fit through her Instagram posts:

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1. Quarantine inspiration

Everyone’s spirit was low when lockdown had just started but Kangana tried to motivate everyone to not give up on fitness by uploading a video where she can be seen working out.

The caption of her post said, “Watching Kangana workout this hard amidst quarantine is pure #FITINSPO! Her never back down attitude is really commendable. Comment 💪🏾 if you are staying healthy during this time.”

Her effort towards staying fit even during difficult times shows her endurance and the willingness to live a healthy life.


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A post shared by Kangana Ranaut (@kanganaranaut) on

2. The baby move

In another video, a baby can be seen joining Kangana for her workout session. The video is absolutely adorable! Her post says, “Guys, taking cues from #Kangana to workout, stay motivated and don’t let the lethargy get to you. She has lost 5 kilos, long way to go! 🤟”

Check out the post here:


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A post shared by Kangana Ranaut (@kanganaranaut) on

3. Working out in the open

Let’s agree on the fact that staying indoors for too long can make you cranky and lethargic. So, how about exercising in an open space surrounded by a lush green area and an extraordinary scenery? Kangana can be seen doing exactly that! Find the post below:


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A post shared by Kangana Ranaut (@kanganaranaut) on

4. Strolling in the park

Kangana tries her best to make everyone aware about the importance of staying healthy. The caption of this post reads, “Value your health above everything.” You must have also realised this fact during the pandemic that there’s nothing above health. So, exercise and eat healthy to keep your physical and mental health in check.


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5. Not losing hope

If you have gained unhealthy weight during this lockdown period, Kangana has some inspiration for you. She revealed in her Instagram post that, “I had gained 20 kgs for Thalaivi, now that we are very close to completing it, need to go back to my earlier size, agility, metabolism and flexibility. Waking up early and going for a jog/walk…. who all are with me?”


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A post shared by Kangana Ranaut (@kanganaranaut) on

She is opting for holistic ways to stay fit and inspiring others as well to do so. So, start your weight loss journey today Kanagana as a companion and inspiration!


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