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From flab to fab: Kriti Sanon shows us how to get back in shape with her killer moves

Bollywood hottie Kriti Sanon, who was last seen in the critically acclaimed Mimi, had put on several kilos for the titular role. In her recent post, she can be seen working out with the help of her fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala to lose all that unwanted flab.
kriti sanon
Kill it like Kriti Sanon. Image courtesy: Kriti Sanon | Facebook
Geetika Sachdev Published: 9 Aug 2021, 16:50 pm IST
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Bollywood beauty Kriti Sanon is the talk of the town these days. After all, her recent flick Mimi seems to be making the right noise. While preparing for the titular role, she had to gain several kilos to look her part. In a candid post on Instagram, Kriti shares that “putting on 15 kgs for Mimi was a challenge, but losing wasn’t easy for Chubby Sanon either.”

She confessed to keeping ‘Param Sundari’, her dance number for later, so that she had all the motivation to get back in shape!

Kriti added, “Having put on so much weight for the first time ever and not working out for three months (not even yoga!), my stamina, strength and flexibility had gone down to zero! In fact, I had to slowly get back to mobility with my joints clicking constantly.”

In her post, she shared snippets of before and after lockdown videos, where celebrity fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala can be seen helping her build her strength! 

What does her workout include?

The video she has shared with her audience shows her performing various Pilates moves along with kettlebell and resistance band exercises, as well as exercising with a medicine ball. She can also be seen doing squats, cable glute kickback and other leg exercises. 

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As most of us know, Pilates is a superb exercise to strengthen the body, and particularly helps to make the core more solid. If you’re someone who’s looking to make this workout a part of your life, you could start off with the hundred, roll-up, shoulder bridge, and criss-cross. 


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Speaking about kettlebells, they help to tackle stiffness in the muscles and joint pain as well. On the other hand, resistance bands are helpful to work out biceps, triceps and shoulders. 

Last but not the least, cable glute kickbacks target the gluteal muscles and help them get in shape. 

Kriti has also used the medicine ball for squats, because these are more effective in toning your physique. It also helps to build more core stability and works the back muscles too! 

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