Want a flat belly in a month? Try doing 100 star abs every day

Getting a flat belly and sustaining it is no joke, but if you do a few star abs daily, it’s going to be a piece of cake for sure.
Abs can do more than just take the flab away! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 31 Mar 2022, 01:27 pm IST
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You can be fit as a fiddle by performing some regular exercises, but if you are looking to get in shape, you need to do something extra. And we know the most stubborn area that’s really hard to tone is the belly. Oh yes, we’ve all spent hours and days trying to spot reduce our abs and oblique muscles, but nothing really happens! Well, that’s because you have been missing out on star abs.

Before we go gaga about star abs, we have a question for you. How do you devise your abs routine? In all probability, you first target your upper abs, then mid, and eventually switch to the lower abs. The sides come in last. Isn’t that the case? We knew it.

According to us, it’s a waste of time and we are sure that you are not even close to what you were looking for. That’s because all the exercises that you perform concentrate on ONLY one part of the entire muscle. And the moment you get that contraction going, you drop it. Sad!

But with star abs, you not only save plenty of time, but also get better results. So, dual benefits are up for grabs!

Star abs is a power-packed exercise that works on your entire core in one go. All you need is 15 to 20 minutes every day and 100 star abs to get that flabby tummy in shape.

star abs
From flab to fab: get the abs of your dreams. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So without any further ado, let’s reveal how to do star abs.

Here’s how to perform star abs

    1. Lie on your back.
    2. Now, open your arms laterally making a V. Do the same with your legs.
      Lift your legs and hands.
    3. Tighten your core and try to lift both your upper body and legs. Bend your knees as your legs go close to your chest, and try to hug them using your hands. Hold and straighten both your legs and hands, simultaneously.

Tip: Just remember to keep your upper and lower body lifted. You don’t have to touch your feet or your hands to the ground. This will help in better contraction of the muscle and give better results in lesser days. You can design the sets at your convenience. Ideally, you should do four sets of 25 star abs to lose weight ASAP.

Some more tips to lose belly fat quicker than ever

  • Breathe properly to burn belly fat quickly. While extending your limbs, inhale and while hugging, exhale;
  • While extending, keep your toes pointed and your arms straighter than ever;
  • Maintain your entire weight on your glutes instead of your lower back; otherwise, your back can go for a toss;
  • While hugging yourself, try to stick your tummy in during the hug and hold stage.And yes of course, what you eat during this one month also matters a lot. That’s because abs are not just made in the gym, they are also made in the kitchen.So give star abs a shot, and get ready to sizzle the festive season with a flat belly.

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