Bored of running for weight loss? Try out these fun exercises

Running can get boring at times. How about you shift to some fun exercises for weight loss? Check out the alternatives to running.
Make weight loss fun with these exercises
Make weight loss fun with these exercises. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Published: 1 Mar 2023, 17:00 pm IST
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Running seems to be the most effective way to lose weight if you aren’t a big fan of gym equipment. All you have to do is slip into comfortable shoes and clothes, and head out. It will pump up your heart rate and you will burn calories. But what if doing it everyday gets boring for you? You can always go for other exercises as there are many alternatives of running for weight loss. Read on to find out which all exercises may be better than running.

HealthShots connected with transformational life coach and fitness enthusiast Vaneeta Batra, who says that running burns calories for sure. At a 10-minute per mile pace, you will roughly lose 10 calories a minute. The faster you go, the more calories you burn (ways to improve running for weight loss). But if running isn’t your favourite activity, there are plenty of other modes of exercise that can help to lose calories at a fast rate. In general, you burn more calories by doing high intensity weight training than you do with running, she says.

alternatives to running
Here are some alternatives to running for weight loss. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Exercises which are better than running for weight loss

1. High knee running

Well, this is a slight modification to the usual running you do. Instead of moving forward, high knee running happens in one place. You just need to run in one place while lifting your knees as high as possible, says the expert. Quickly pump your arms up and down during high knee running. It is a vigorous cardio workout that raises your heart rate while strengthening your lower body.

2. Jumping rope

Being an adult does not mean you should stop jumping rope, which is an exercise that you can do indoors or outdoors. You can pick the time and place as well. It burns calories very quickly, and strengthens and tones the legs.

3 Dumbbell front squats

This one is a bit hard, but it is an effective exercise to help to build stronger abs and full-body strength. You can start by holding a pair of dumbbells up to your shoulders. While keeping your core tight, push your hips back and squat down until your squat is parallel to the ground. Then drive through your heels and hips to stand back up, flexing your quads and glutes to finish, says Batra.

alternatives to running
Kettlebell swings can help in weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Trampoline

You must have seen many kids jumping on a trampoline. But it’s not just for kids. You just need 10 minutes of bouncing to stay fit. In order to optimise your calorie burn, stay on the balls of your feet, lean forward and bend your knees. Bounce deep into the trampoline and squeeze the core to ensure that all muscles in the body are being used.

5. Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings can help to burn about 20 calories a minute, says the expert If you know how to add kettlebell to your workout the right way, this exercise works very well. It’s not a movement that you are used to. It taxes your body to burn fat faster, as the swings are of high intensity.

You can even go for a swim, especially now that temperatures are ready to soar up.

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