From a flat belly to toned arms, chakki chalanasana gives you this and more

Chakki chalanasana or churning the mill pose is one of the most effective poses for the core.
Chakki Chalanasana
Are you ready to churn all that fat with this pose? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 1 Jun 2021, 11:07 am IST
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If you look at your dadis and nanis, you will realize that they’re pretty fit, and that too without exercising. Well, one of the biggest reasons is that during earlier times, the focus was more on manual work rather than machines. In fact, even the flour that they would consume was churned by the homemakers in those round chakkis or mills. This practice was considered so effective that it has a space in yoga — yes, there’s an asana called chakki chalanasana.

Chakki chalanasana is one of the most important asanas in yoga that offers a host of health benefits. The name is a combination of three words, where chakki means grinding in the mill, chalana means churning, and asana means pose. Hence, the asana is also known as churning the mill pose

How to do chakki chalanasana
  • To start this asana, sit down on a yoga mat and bring your leg straight in front of your body;
  • Now lock the fingers of both your hands, and bring your hands out straight before your chest;
  • Next, hold your arms straight and horizontal throughout the practice; check that your elbows aren’t bending;
  • Bend forward while not straining. Assume that you simply are churning a mill with a stone grinder;
Chakki Chalanasana
Chakki chalanasana. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar
  • Pivot to the right with the goal that your hand goes over the right toe as far as possible;
  • Lean back as much as you can on the rotation; 
  • When you do forward rotation, put your arms and your hands on one side, over your left toes;
  • One rotation implies one round finished, do at least 5 to 10 rotations clockwise and after that in the anti-clockwise direction; 
  • While doing the rotation, you should move your body from your hips. (Your hips should be straight; try to move your upper body from the hips);
  • For beginners, try to rotate 5 to 6 rotations in one attempt;
  • To release from this position, breathe in and slowly get on to the starting position. Now keep both your hands alongside your body, keep your leg straight and take a deep breath and relax;
Chakki Chalanasana
Chakki chalanasana. Image courtesy: Grand Master Akshar
  • Do this asana again. You should do a minimum of 10 repetitions of this asana for better results;
  • Initially, when you start this yoga asana, you will feel some pain in your legs, hips, thighs, and arms, but as you practice more, you can do this asana more easily.
Benefits of doing chakki chalanasana  

According to yoga guru Grand Master Akshar, chakki chalanasana offers a host of health benefits:

  • Strengthens the abdominal organs;
  •  Improves the function of reproductive organs;
  •  Improves the function of the digestive system;
  •  Prevents back pain;
  •  Reduce abdominal fat;
  •  Relieves menstrual issues; 
  • Increases blood circulation.
Chakki Chalanasana
Chakki Chalanasana can also help in menstrual cramps. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
But there are some contraindications as well
  • Chakki chalanasana is not recommended for those suffering from severe back, hip, ankle and knee injuries.
  • If you have had any recent surgery on your back or waist, or are suffering from any spinal column ailments on the lower vertebrae, you should not do this asana.  
  • Avoid it if you are suffering from high or low blood pressure.
  •  Those who are suffering from severe headaches should avoid this asana. 
  •  Those suffering from any form of hernia should avoid this practice.

So ladies, get set to have a flat belly and toned belly with chakki chalanasana pose.

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