Adding a chair to Downward Dog can increase its impact, suggests actress Shruti Seth

Sharing a video on her Instagram profile, Shruti also pointed out the benefits of using a chair in correcting the yoga position.
downward dog
Downward dog is one of the best yoga poses if you are looking for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shruti Seth | Facebook
Tapatrisha Das Published: 19 Jan 2022, 12:30 pm IST
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Shruti Seth is back to her fitness routine in full form. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast, keeps sharing snippets of her yoga routine on her Instagram profile on a regular basis. Shruti swears by high intensity workouts and yoga and her Instagram profile is a plethora of the glimpses of the same. Shruti also keeps sharing videos of her yoga routine, fresh from her living room, on her Instagram profile, with the intention of motivating her Instagram family to start taking up their fitness routine seriously.

Shruti keeps sharing sneak peeks of her yoga variations as well. The actor believes in using various positions and equipment in her yoga routine to perfect her posture. With the videos, Shruti also shares the health and posture benefits that can be garnered through the positions. A day back, Shruti performed the Downward Dog position in her living room. However, she gave a twist to her yoga position and performed it using a yoga chair.

Sharing the video on her Instagram profile, Shruti also pointed out the benefits of using yoga chair in correcting the yoga position. She wrote that the chair helps in keeping the elbows in place, preventing them from collapsing. In the video, Shruti can be seen supporting her hands on a yoga chair and positioning her body in a pyramid position. Sharing the video of the Downward Dog variation, Shruti wrote, “Downward Dog variation using the yoga chair. Using the chair helps keep the elbows from collapsing.” Shruti also added that it should be performed in the presence of a yoga supervisor to avoid the risk of injuries.

Downward Dog position comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in stretching the entire body, especially upper body, arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs. It also helps in stretching the back of the body, ankles, calves, hamstrings, spine. Downward dog helps in stimulating the circulation of blood as well.

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